crazy eight

Oh joy of joys! Baby Violet is two-thirds of a year old! Feel free to send cards and gifts.

She promises to read every single one.

And taste them as well.

Because big girl Violet fancies herself quite the reader. She's actually mastered all kinds of other tricks like crawling alllllll over the place. And I'm the lucky lady who gets to chase her alllllll over the place.

Let's just say she has boundless energy. So you can imagine how sleepy Mom & Dad get. This lil jumpin bean tires us out.

BEEP BEEP baby on the movvvvve

And here you will see Violet calling Zooey "mama"... But the best part is when I walk in the door and she sees me and says "mama"... I am quite sure she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, but I LOVESSS IT anyway.

This time last year when she was swimming around my tumz, I had no clue what a beautiful miracle awaited us. Happy eight months, Violet Melody. :)


demoreeann August 6, 2011 at 10:37 AM  

happy 8 months, violet! did you post that last photo just for me b/c i ADORE her eyelashes??? gah! so cute.

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