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Happy July! Can you believe that 2011 is officially half over? A couple days ago Mike and I were talking and we asked each other the question "If you could do whatever you wanted for a year, what would you do?" The normal stuff like hanging out with each other and friends and family and eating and sleeping etc etc are a given. But if we didn't have to work, what main thing would we use our extra time to pursue?

Mike would love to create his own board game. He's come up with different ideas over the years, and he's even gone as far as to make the pieces/cards/board/whatever needed for said games. But if he had lotso free time, he would test it out and tweak it til it's awesome and then manufacture it and distribute it and the world would behold the next great board gammmmmmmme. Or something like that.

I would spend the entire year just MAKING stuff. I've got a huge list of projects in my mind that I wish I could actually work on. I don't wanna sound like a pretentious tool, but I have this one dream of creating a series of video shorts and then having a screening that people could come to and watch.

I also see all these great craft projects online and in books and in my head and stuff... But since my big art project for 2010 was creating a human life, I now am just a bit busy these days. I try to find time to fit in what I can... Like my second sewing project- photos coming soon!


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