Mike and Violet and I had the opportunity to go to Belle Isle in Detroit to shoot some engagement photos for friends of ours. Of course I couldn't resist occasionally turning the camera on this sweet girl too.

It was a lovely day on Belle Isle- views of the city, walks around the conservatory and surrounding gardens and fountains... so many photo opportunities! Narrowing these down was a daunting task.

(When you're teething you'll gum just about anything, I suppose.)

A shot from my own conservatory... aka my window boxes. Sadly, the intense heat and lack of rain (and my neglect due to mom-busyness) has now left my plants looking pretty pathetic.

It was weird- Around our yard we saw several of these guys that day and that day only. This smart one camped out in my parsley for a feast.

Speaking of feasts... we ended our Detroit adventure with a home grilled meal. Yumz.

And I nommed on her peaches n cream cheeks for dessert, of course.


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