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What a precious little gift she is. And how often I need to be reminded of it when I'm going crazy... Because I can't help but love her to pieces even when I'm sleepless and patience-less.


Happy birthday to my awesome and hilarious Dad! He turns a whopping 708 months old!

(Side note: The story of this photo involves my brother not knowing which one of us had a certain book but knowing one of us did... So the Christmas gift was for whoever didn't yet have it. Makes perfect sense.)

Violet also wanted to send big wet kisses to Poppy too! Her sweet little face lights up whenever he's around.


This is how I feel. Totally bad day all around. Headache now. Bleh.

fun food fireworks

'Twas a lovely 4th of July.


Violet's not the only one that loves visits from Brian and Dem... but she definitely gets more cuddles than we do.

I can't say it enough... Violet's cute little legs get lots of nibbles nom nom nom nommmm.

And of course I must mention their basset hound Clover, who is almost the exact same age as Violet, interestingly enough.

Baby friends!

Annnnd Dad can't resist posing Violet on her back. Clover rewarded her with lots of face licks.

Can't wait until the next visit! We all miss you tons!

daddy days

Violet's got such a great Daddy.

He comes up with fun ideas for playtime!

He cleans up after her messes :)

He's always up for sleepy cuddle time.

And he doesn't even laugh when she gets all face-wrinkly from sleeping funny.

milk toof



sweet summer

"Sleep" - Stealing Sheep

Just another afternoon with my sweet Violet Melody.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!


THE SONIC BOOMS are returning after a two year hiatus! In case you aren't aware, I am a member of the coolest cover band in all of Ann Arbor... Maybe even counting Ann Arbor Township and parts of Ypsilanti and Superior Township as well.

If you wanna get in on the (one stop) reunion tour check us out next Wednesday night 7/27! We'll be playing between 9pm-10pm at 1541 Washtenaw on the front lawn! Songy songs include some =W=eezer, Paramore, Metric, & morrrrrrre.

amococo too

Some more pics from our inflated art adventure!

It really was super cool lookin.


"Amococo is the most labyrinthine luminarium, featuring 86 triaxial domes and 71 pods that together create a complex of pathways where the visitors may happily lose themselves." Well, we had to pay this place a visit, based on the description.

We had a grand time. More photos coming!


You know that old inspirational saying...
"So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you"

Also: "They say that a hero could save us. I'm not gonna stand here and wait. I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles, and watch as we all fly away."

Or: "I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain."

Ok, so the google search for "hero quotes" doesn't always deliver. And now people searching for Nickelback lyrics will end up on my site instead. Welcome!

Anyway, I thought I would compile a list of my childhood "heroes". Keep in mind this is limited to famous and fictional people. I had other people I looked up to like my family and teachers and Jesus, duh. But anywho, here is my list:

Penny from Inspector Gadget

In this case it's not about who you are, it's about what you have. That computer book thing was BOSS. So high tech, so ahead of its time. You can basically credit her for owning the first iPad. And those bangs are rad. I thought she was the coolest.

Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell

Speaking of great bangs, no one has better maintained hair than Kelly Kapowski. Seriously, that hair was a work of art. Not to mention she totally knew how to rock an off the shoulder sweatshirt. What girl wouldn't wanna be her? Head cheerleader? Check. Super cool? Check. Awesome Hawaiian grandpa (read: free vaca)? Check. 'Nuff said.

1990's Mariah Carey

It's all about the pipes. And the hits. You got "Someday", "Dreamlover", "Hero", "Always Be My Baby", "All I Want For Christmas Is You", etc ETC ETCCC the list goes ON AND ON. One decade... a whole lotta adult contemporary goodness. Also great hair.

Sarah Connor from Terminator 2

Um hello? That first scene with her in the mental institution doing pull-ups? When she spits out that paperclip and uses it to pick a crapload of locks? Then later when she takes off with all those guns. You gotta admit that, however misguided, she sees an injustice and fights to reverse it. Love it.

Those are the ones that I can remember. And now I feel like I put myself out there to be analyzed. So, let me do the work for you- Apparently the things I valued as a kid were rad material possessions, voluminous hair, a five scale vocal range, and being hardcore. Yep, that sounds about right.

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