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Violet got invited to hang out with some friends and was gracious enough to get a "+3" so Mom and Dad and bunny could tag along.

She is quite the entertainer, so it seems. A great asset to any party!

And for a small fee, she will pose with you in pictures! In fact, she is available for your Christmas newsletter photo to get those nagging "when are you gonna have kids" relatives off your back. (No retouching- Subject available "as is", even though she might be many shades lighter in skin tone than you and clearly not your ethnicity.)

Photo included because it is hilariously sad. Tim is allergic to cats so he had to keep going outside for relief... and perhaps for the raging pity party on the porch. (jk)

Later, Ms. Violet took a nap and all the non-five month olds played a game called THE RESISTANCE (caps added for dramatic value).

EVERYONE is a suspect... WHO IS EVILLL??? Accusations FLY like a FLYING bumblebee inside a plane that is FLYING over a kiosk plastered with FLIERS for a Sugar Ray concert featuring 1997 hit song "I JUST WANNA FLY".

Mwahahahaha Tim & I indulge in extreme gloaty-ness because we won and tricked them alllll. Please note how Steve's like WHAAA? and Sue is seething.

Turns out I'm a somewhat... aggresive... game player.


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