stuff in my cat

Pop Quiz time!
The image above is _____________
(a) a fabric representation of Pangaea.
(b) what remains of a washcloth after a voracious tiger is finished with it.
(c) what remains of a washcloth after Zooey is finished with it.

I know (b) seems like the logical answer, but sadly I am in possession of an obsessive compulsive cat. And don't take that as my mocking anyone with that particular issue- the vet has officially diagnosed her. This has led to lifelong behavior traits including, but definitely not limited to, eating fabric (we're talking major holes in clothes, towels, sheets, curtains, blankets), biting through cords (headphones, cellphone & laptop chargers), and biting rows along edges of paper materials (cardboard boxes, mail, books).

What can I say... when it comes to ridiculous behavior- and feel free to chant this-

SHE'S #1! SHE'S #1!


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