same old saturday

...And I mean that title in a good way. Our lives have completely changed since our little baby bunny came along, and as much as they've changed for the better.... welllll sometimes I miss just doing the things we used to take for granted. Oh, to wake up on a Saturday and just do whatever we wanna. Sometimes we get the chance to do that though.

Sadly Violet hasn't yet learned to love records as much as I do.

First trip to the new(ish) Ragstock on E. Liberty. I liked it a lot- a mix of vintage and cheap new stuff. Zooey already ate part of the sleeve of this great plaid shirt I found there for $5.

I like eating (good food with good) friends.

Mike finalllly convinced me to try this board game. SO MANY PIECES. It was actually fun though! (PS: doesn't it look like this picture is part of the picture above it and Violet has a huge body and is playing board games? Anyone? Anyone?...)

WOOOOOO it's like a baby slot machine!



McLaine May 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM  

Awwww that was a good day. :)

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