oh happy day

Nothing is better than the gift of massage. Oh, except for the gift of salvation, duh. But massage is #2.

SO you may not have heard that I had an excellent birthday this year- the day of my birth in particular, that is. Mike and I have a hard time waiting to give each other presents, so the celebration began at the stroke of midnight on March 18th! A back massager and some girl scout patches AND Rock Band 3 (it's got Metric and Tegan & Sara!) were totally awesome gifts. Oh, and his continuing undying love for me too, but that's a given. Then the next morning my parents whisked Violet away for the day and we were freeeeeeeeee.

I know it's commonplace now, but this was that one really nice warm day in March in the midst of all the snow and cold. Give me nice weather with the windows down and the music blasting and I'm all good.

After a stop at Cake Nouveau for a free bday cupcake and those DELECTABLE cake ball thingies (dangerous, I tell you), we went to your favorite hot tub garden and mine, Oasis.

What can I say? Give me a hot tub with a view of local wildlife and I'm in heaven. And to answer your question, no we did not make use of those well placed chairs.

Since the weather was fab (um, I guess I use that word now), we decided to finally get the charcoal grill we've wanted for the back porch.


Seriously, we made a feast.

It was amazing.

Annnnnnd it was even amazingER to top it off with some reading on the couch followed by a nice nap- truly a luxury these days.

Oh, man it was a lovely birthday. And there's more to come- pics from bday PHASE 2- the rollerstaking adventure- to come!


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