let's get botanical

I took Violet to the place where things were set in motion to enable her existence... *awkward pause* ... Where Mike and I got married of course!

I really love the conservatory at the Botanical Gardens. And- bonus- 100% of all (one) marriages I know of that occurred there have turned out GREAT.

Violet was content to sit back and be wheeled around among all the pretty foliage.

And the peaceful atmosphere + a content baby + lots of fresh oxygen from all those plants made mom happy.

Violet thought it was peaceful too.


Oh my Gaaaahhhsh these leggings make me wanna die. Of happiness. I love Tavi. Probably because we like most of the same things. Anywho, I was then inspired to do some mood-boarding:

Then that made me wanna make this:

And then THOSE made me wanna make THIS:

And now all I wanna do is move into the dilapidated ruins of an old Catholic church on the grounds of an abandoned theme park. With millions of candles and vintage neon signs and eerie music. And lots of brooding.

[thanks, we heart it for assisting me in image-compilation]

sunday easter sunday

Everyone dressed up in their Sunday best for Easter... And like duh a photo shoot ensued.

hahaha poor Uncle Chris

'Twas a grand day of playing rock band...

...Eating at Old Country Buffet...

...and reading fine literature circa 1991.

Needless to say, by the end of the day we were POOPED OUT.

try and resist

Violet got invited to hang out with some friends and was gracious enough to get a "+3" so Mom and Dad and bunny could tag along.

She is quite the entertainer, so it seems. A great asset to any party!

And for a small fee, she will pose with you in pictures! In fact, she is available for your Christmas newsletter photo to get those nagging "when are you gonna have kids" relatives off your back. (No retouching- Subject available "as is", even though she might be many shades lighter in skin tone than you and clearly not your ethnicity.)

Photo included because it is hilariously sad. Tim is allergic to cats so he had to keep going outside for relief... and perhaps for the raging pity party on the porch. (jk)

Later, Ms. Violet took a nap and all the non-five month olds played a game called THE RESISTANCE (caps added for dramatic value).

EVERYONE is a suspect... WHO IS EVILLL??? Accusations FLY like a FLYING bumblebee inside a plane that is FLYING over a kiosk plastered with FLIERS for a Sugar Ray concert featuring 1997 hit song "I JUST WANNA FLY".

Mwahahahaha Tim & I indulge in extreme gloaty-ness because we won and tricked them alllll. Please note how Steve's like WHAAA? and Sue is seething.

Turns out I'm a somewhat... aggresive... game player.







porch perfect

(Violet + toys) x outside ^ sunny spring day = :)

Too pretty for words.

stuff in my cat

Pop Quiz time!
The image above is _____________
(a) a fabric representation of Pangaea.
(b) what remains of a washcloth after a voracious tiger is finished with it.
(c) what remains of a washcloth after Zooey is finished with it.

I know (b) seems like the logical answer, but sadly I am in possession of an obsessive compulsive cat. And don't take that as my mocking anyone with that particular issue- the vet has officially diagnosed her. This has led to lifelong behavior traits including, but definitely not limited to, eating fabric (we're talking major holes in clothes, towels, sheets, curtains, blankets), biting through cords (headphones, cellphone & laptop chargers), and biting rows along edges of paper materials (cardboard boxes, mail, books).

What can I say... when it comes to ridiculous behavior- and feel free to chant this-

SHE'S #1! SHE'S #1!


I know how she feels. It's been a couple frazzzzzly days around here lately.

soundtrack to my week

One Heavy February - Architecture in Helsinki
Unrequited Love - Lykke Li
Pictures of Me - Elliot Smith
Someone Like You - Adele
He Won't Go - Adele
I Never - Rilo Kiley
Long Island - that dog
Legal Man - Belle and Sebastian
Rich Girl - Bird and the Bee

and all kindsa Pavement lately.

oh my baby baby baby baby baby babe gave me malaria hysteria-aaahh

career career career career (x1000)

Oh man... 90's alt/indie rock will always have a special place in my nostalgic heart. It just is doesn't get better than that for me. JUST TRY AND PROVE ME WRONG.

diner dash

You could say the diner Achilles is my... Achilles heel. OH HOHOHOHO watch out or my razor sharp wit will cut you TO THE BONE.

Almost as important as the food is the accompanying syllacrostic puzzle, like duh.

Little miss smarty pants helps us get a few of the clues.

This is TOTALLY from the same visit. I don't know why the sun went out for a few seconds while this photo was taken.

Healthy eating habits start early! Yumz.

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