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Since I have both shown an interest in the Twilight series and birthed a child, I am now part of this illustrious clan.

Ok, so now that I'm a mom, I tend to notice more when people use the word "mom" as an adjective to mean BAD. I mean, most of society has come around to agree that it is offensive to gay people to say "that's gay" when they mean "that's dumb"... yet it's ok to be like EEWWW LOOK AT THOSE MOM JEANS, OOOH LOOK THAT PERSON HAS SUCH A MOM HAIRCUT, etc. Well, as far as I'm concerned-

THESE are what mom jeans look like

and THIS is what I consider a mom haircut. IN YO FACE, SOCIETY. I SURE TOLD YOU.

This is pretty funny though...


Meghan April 15, 2011 at 7:57 AM  


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