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In checking out the Karen in Color stats, I have realized that I'm not quite as geeky as I thought... Thanks to all y'all who are loyal readers (Lookers? There's not usually much text). In addition to number of page visits, I can see how people found me. The following phrases are the most common web searches that have led people to my blog. Um obviously... (?)

"doctor house leg pic"
"garfield and friends"
"santa guy song by karen"
"sssssss soundtrack"
"what does babyful mean"
"what is the name of those boots with the polar bear logo"
"homeless child + lyrics + santa"
"cat on drums"
"brooke fraser in pantyhose"

Whoa whoa whoa... Is it true that SSSSSSS has a soundtrack?? Amazing.


c January 28, 2011 at 8:10 PM  

Ssssssseriously? I didn't even remember any music at all in that movie! I must have been distracted by that guy turning people into king cobras...

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