we passed the test

Last month Mike and I took some baby classes considering that we went into this whole parenthood thing with very very little baby knowledge between us. Luckily plastic baby came to the rescue during our infant care class.

Check out that diapering job- Way to go, Mike. We also learned how to swaddle, aka make a baby-burrito.

Then, since we were in the back row, we practiced teaching baby other things. [Not pictured: Baby wielding Mike's knife. Um, apparently you aren't supposed to carry weapons in hospitals... Who knew??]


Theresa Koehler December 6, 2010 at 2:19 AM  

Newborn Plastic Baby is pretty cooperative. I've never seen a newborn that could sit up on her own already! Maybe you have a physical-milestone-prodigy on your hands, who knows. :)

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