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So in case it isn't clear, I should come clean about something. During my regular posting days, I often make a few entries at a time and then schedule them to show up every other day or so. I mention this now because I realize that very soon I will be utterly consumed by 1) birthing my first child and then 2) getting used to keeping a baby alive 24/7. So I am trying to get back to the karen in color you know and love and schedule a bunch of stuff. I intend on keeping this blog alive, rather than retreating from the internet into the depths of mommyhood.

Besides, I'll need a place to put the ridiculous staged baby photos Mike and I plan on taking.

So anyway, I just want to say that the thought may cross your mind "wow I heard Karen was in labor, yet she has time to post about this ridiculous tv show or pictures of baby chipmunks". But now you know the deal.


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