fooled ya

In catching up with my internet news, I stumbled across the best photo I've seen in a long time... because it is not a joke. In China researchers are dressing up like pandas to help baby pandas born in captivity adjust to interacting with pandas in the wild. Ummm amazing.

all clean


Baby bath time: Rated C for extreme cuteness.

baby's first craft

So since we were pretty busy getting our baby born and such, we didn't really have much time to hit the stores for Christmas gifts. Hence, amazon became our go-to site for present buying this year. We had packages showing up left and right at our place.

But we did find time to create one handmade gift this year. As you can see, it was an effort that required the whole family. And a chair to set the video camera on. And a table to put the regular camera with the timer set to take photos. Clearly, it was involved.

Violet gets crafty!


So in preparation for my stay in the hospital, I made a "labor playlist". I imagined my baby girl emerging in the dimmed lights of the swanky birthing room to some lovely She & Him or acoustic Metric song. Turns out she was actually born through a gaping hole in my stomach under the fluorescent lights of the OR. But back when they still thought she was coming the traditional way, I had lots of tunes going.

After I had labored along for severallll hours, it was finally time to push. I started the music mellow in hopes of getting relaxed. Here's a sampling:

"Make You Feel My Love" - Adele
"You Really Got a Hold On Me" - She & Him
"Roslyn" - Bon Iver & St. Vincent
"Close Your Eyes" - Juliana Hatfield
"All Is Full of Love" - Bjork
"Waiting On an Angel" - Ben Harper
"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" - Sufjan Stevens
"Wild Is the Wind" - Cat Power
"The Sea and the Rhythm" - Iron & Wine

Then after over an hour had passed of serious work, I decided it was way too quiet and I needed to get into rock star mindset with some Paramore. None of this "Only Exception" either... it was all about the rock:

Then as we went into the third hour of nonstop pushing (labor is appropriately named, as it turns out), I was ready for some classic faves, and had Mike turn on a mix of dancey Metric:

All that amounted to was a lot of work set to a lot of music. But in the end all that mattered was when I got to see my baby girl for the first time.

merrrry christmas

What an oddly different Christmas from last year this is. Mike and I made a whole new person to celebrate with us this time around.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy a relaxing holiday season with family and friends. And if anyone wants any gift ideas for me, all I really want is a really really really long nap.

we wish you a zooey christmas

Since we're in a new place this Christmas, we decided to get an actual real live (fake) Christmas tree. However when we put it up, we only had about 5 total ornaments with which to adorn it. My bright idea was to get crafty and cover it with my own handmade ones. Sooo this is the result of those efforts... Yes, just this one. Hey, I'll work on it for next year.


I like these band-aids. Now, if they only made a big one that says "BABY" that I could affix to my stomach incision, then I'd be set. I wish I could post a photo that Mike took of the C-section, but I don't want to horrify anyone. I am just amazed by one shot that shows a doctor with his hand partially inserted into my abdomen pulling a flap of my stomach away... And the one where my guts look like ground beef. Anyway, based on the photographic evidence I guess it makes sense that I am still hurting.

wha happened

So one day I was at home pregnant. Then I went to the hospital for 5 days which felt like an alternate universe. And then when we came back home it was bitterly cold and has stayed that way ever since. I guess Violet is responsible for bringing in the winter chill... The positive force of her cuteness had to be evened out apparently.

cut it out

Paper. Amazing.

Leaf. Lovely.

Edward Scissorhands. Brilliant.

zooey the grinch

"There there, Mike, I know you meant well wanting a Christmas tree, but just accept the fact that no matter how many times you spray me with a water bottle I will always go back and chew and/or climb it."


Wow, I guess I missed my chance to preserve a bulbous plastery cast of my pregnant rack and stomach. I'm just wondering, where would one display this in their home??

you are here

AHEM I now interrupt my regularly scheduled blog posts to quickly toss in an entry with a photo of my lovely little girl, Violet Melody. I can't believe how non-alien she looks, considering she was just born a couple hours previous to this picture being taken. Ah well, I'm not complaining, little beautiful baby.

step into the light

Dramatic cat is dramatic.

coming clean

I'd like to go through a really really long car wash. I find them oddly soothing, but much too short.

merry christmas to me

I have always wanted one of these as a present. Not the car... THE BOW. I just think it would be rad to drive around with a big bow on the top of my car. And as it turns out, they are available for purchase. And in case you don't check out the site, it includes the phrase "It's time to be BOW-dacious!" And no, I did not add the bold and italics myself.

we passed the test

Last month Mike and I took some baby classes considering that we went into this whole parenthood thing with very very little baby knowledge between us. Luckily plastic baby came to the rescue during our infant care class.

Check out that diapering job- Way to go, Mike. We also learned how to swaddle, aka make a baby-burrito.

Then, since we were in the back row, we practiced teaching baby other things. [Not pictured: Baby wielding Mike's knife. Um, apparently you aren't supposed to carry weapons in hospitals... Who knew??]


"Lunchbox", a series of abstract paintings of sandwiches. Nice.

[from top: cheeseburger, ice cream sandwich, pb & j, s'more]

merry killmas

What is with depressing Christmas songs? When you buy the following albums they should include a free extra-large bottle of painkillers and a spiked egg nog chaser because you'll pretty much just want to end it all after listening to these sappy numbers.

"Christmas Shoes" - Newsong

Song Plot: Destitute child's shoeless mom is pretty much dead.

Greatest song moment: When the contemplative little-boy-sung chorus starts, of course. Honorable mention goes to the key change.

"Same Old Lang Syne" - Dan Fogelberg

Song Plot: Guy runs into love of his life who all but admits she married the wrong guy. Drinking and crying ensues from both parties.

Greatest song moment: The end of the song is pure perfection, from the slowed down tempo to the jazzy saxophone solo. Not to mention the very song title is all SEE WHAT I DID THERE I'M CLEVER.

"Santa I'm Right Here" - Toby Keith

Song Plot: Homeless child leaves a note for Santa on the street because he's afraid Santa won't find him otherwise, which was confirmed by his own father.

Greatest song moment: Hard to say... I guess all the sultry country twang moments. And the part where he earnestly begs Santa to give his dad a job as a freaking part-time elf, pretty much.

I do have emotions, by the way, for any of you who are now thinking YOU'RE A HEARTLESS MONSTERRRR. Show me a photo of a baby kitten snuggling a baby bunny snuggling a baby otter and I'm tearing up like a baby.

mommy wants you now

Dear baby,
It occurred to me that life will probably be more enjoyable when I can finally hold you in my arms as opposed to in my guts. Please please come soon so we can reenact these ridiculously cute photos.

PS: If you come now, I'll take back the grounding.

pencil it in

So in case it isn't clear, I should come clean about something. During my regular posting days, I often make a few entries at a time and then schedule them to show up every other day or so. I mention this now because I realize that very soon I will be utterly consumed by 1) birthing my first child and then 2) getting used to keeping a baby alive 24/7. So I am trying to get back to the karen in color you know and love and schedule a bunch of stuff. I intend on keeping this blog alive, rather than retreating from the internet into the depths of mommyhood.

Besides, I'll need a place to put the ridiculous staged baby photos Mike and I plan on taking.

So anyway, I just want to say that the thought may cross your mind "wow I heard Karen was in labor, yet she has time to post about this ridiculous tv show or pictures of baby chipmunks". But now you know the deal.

come onnn

It's December. Little baby, if you don't come very soon you are grounded for a month. No tv, cell phone, or computer. And you're changing your own diaper and making your own meals too.

Love this pic. Was approached by man in background approximately 30 seconds after this was taken.

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