a heart that hurts is a heart that works

In my high school days, during the first onset of boy bands and girl pop princesses, I was spinning the sweet sounds of self-deprecating Juliana.

1) She is a legit musician who can totally shred.
2) She unabashedly writes way honestly insecure lyrics.
3) Despite the fact she looks so angry all the time she has a super sweetly pretty voice.

She kinda has pulled what I like to call a "Weezer" over the past few years and put out excessive albums that kinda just sound similar and thrown together. So I choose to remember the glory days when she rocked it for the whole of the 90's and beyond. And she provided me with definitely one of my favorite rock show experiences of alllll time at the Blind Pig circa 1999.

Her live softer stuff sounds better on youtube than some of the heavier songs, hence my selection. Hope ya like.

Might not wanna listen to this one if you have a problem with occasional language that gets bleeped out on tv.

"I say it's me or drugs you choose drugs"


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