made it

I ate you.

One of my fears was being stuck in the hospital in labor today (during which I am not allowed to eat) knowing that the rest of the world was partaking in the best meal of the year. Well, obviously it didn't happen, soooo score one for this kid.

swallowed up

I'm kinda overwhelmed at the moment. This blog isn't done. Keep checking in with me, faithful readers. A little person is days away from exiting my body and it turns out it's... well... kind of a big deal.

don't know what that's like

Wow, I feel really bad for this person. I mean to have to deal with a cat like this. Doesn't remind me of anyone at all...

Started out really nice...

Now is bad all the time... Ah crap. I hope this series of images is not foreshadowing.



Fall = super pretty this year

Zooey = adorablez when sleeping

This movie = GREAT.

This is as mathematical as I get these days. After all, it has been a decade since I took a math class. Calculus, I don't really miss you at all.

But, then again, who says math can't be pretty? Check out this awesome pi necklace.

a heart that hurts is a heart that works

In my high school days, during the first onset of boy bands and girl pop princesses, I was spinning the sweet sounds of self-deprecating Juliana.

1) She is a legit musician who can totally shred.
2) She unabashedly writes way honestly insecure lyrics.
3) Despite the fact she looks so angry all the time she has a super sweetly pretty voice.

She kinda has pulled what I like to call a "Weezer" over the past few years and put out excessive albums that kinda just sound similar and thrown together. So I choose to remember the glory days when she rocked it for the whole of the 90's and beyond. And she provided me with definitely one of my favorite rock show experiences of alllll time at the Blind Pig circa 1999.

Her live softer stuff sounds better on youtube than some of the heavier songs, hence my selection. Hope ya like.

Might not wanna listen to this one if you have a problem with occasional language that gets bleeped out on tv.

"I say it's me or drugs you choose drugs"


Mike and I took it easy for our 3rd anniversary this year with a visit to Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Mike had never been there before, so he had to check out all the wacky crap.

And there was the regular arcade-y stuff too of course which we always like.

And then we fed the rest of our quarters to the many pinball machines. The one above was super old timey. I had to giggle because even though it is called "El Dorado", Mike kept unknowingly calling it "Desperado". Lolzz.

Good times were had by all (even baby I think... I hear the womb is a great place to be).

check out my guts

Ok, so I don't mean to get all ANATOMICAL on you, but this is just crazy. I mean, check out the intestines and stuff! And the bladder and stomach are totally squashed. It's crazy what a body is capable of... (Oh, and I promise I will not get more graphic than this- I just couldn't help it. One last push for sympathy before I go back to regular- if not slightly mangled- Karen bod)

Speaking of guts and mangled bodies, for some reason this 90's SNL sketch came to mind the other day. I love it. And the fact that Linda Hamilton of T2 fame was the host just makes it all the better.

but i don't see you around anymore

I really miss writing music. There was a time it was happening fairly frequently- whether the songs were silly or meaningful or angry or whatever- but sadly it hasn't been happening for some time. Perhaps I will have to wait for baby to grow up and collab with me and just live vicariously through Hayley et al in the meantime via these rad songs-in-progress vids:


feels like it's me & her against the world right now. i'm glad i got you, baby.

i'm totally babyful

It's November... which means Happy Baby-is-Due Month! I will celebrate by posting some shots of the cute lil maternity shoot Mike did. I'm a little bigger now and still growing... We shot these on the last warm pretty day a couple weeks ago both in our backyard and at a park near our place. I love the autumn colors!

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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