shower power (part 2)

Time for a photo blast! Here are some pics from the awesome baby shower that my lovely friends Demoree & Theresa planned for me- with help from my mom. (And isn't my husband an amazingly talented photographer?)

Dem is an amazing designer who created all the adorable decorations and details, and Theresa did an amazing job with food + more... Why YES those are bumpy cake cupcakes- enough said.

Fam & friends came together to celebrate the coolest baby-to-be.

Baby's future BFF Lucy even got to come hang out.

I love handmade things! Whether it's the gift itself or the card or the wrapping... People were so generous and thoughtful.

Speaking of handmade, we got to decorate onesies once again. There was an awesome selection of rockstar stencils. More pics coming soon!


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