So even though my ridonkulous physical state prevents me from partaking in my usual Halloween late night fun (aka The Bang and possibly some additional awesome par-tay), I still love it. This is my TWELFTH Halloween in Ann Arbor, and I FINALLYYY get to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters! Mike and I stocked up so we would be one of the "good" houses. Can't wait!

Um, also I wish baby were here to be extra tiny and adorablez in a costume. Maybe though someone will be awesome and buy her this amazing punkin hat from Etsy... Or just be crafty and make one. Pretty please?

shower power (part 2.5)

Let me put any uncertainty to rest. The above statement is true. Also I love love love how it looks like Rachel is wearing the onesie.

Please note the one on the bottom left was custom made by three friends under the age of seven. Adorablez.

I am not kidding about this dressing alike thing... Hence this is the perfect gift (thanks Ciara!)

shower power (part 2)

Time for a photo blast! Here are some pics from the awesome baby shower that my lovely friends Demoree & Theresa planned for me- with help from my mom. (And isn't my husband an amazingly talented photographer?)

Dem is an amazing designer who created all the adorable decorations and details, and Theresa did an amazing job with food + more... Why YES those are bumpy cake cupcakes- enough said.

Fam & friends came together to celebrate the coolest baby-to-be.

Baby's future BFF Lucy even got to come hang out.

I love handmade things! Whether it's the gift itself or the card or the wrapping... People were so generous and thoughtful.

Speaking of handmade, we got to decorate onesies once again. There was an awesome selection of rockstar stencils. More pics coming soon!

you are a poor decision maker

This proves that cats are not as smart as everyone makes them out to be. When presented with a plate full of bumpy cake remains and a napkin, Zooey chooses the latter, as evidenced by the ragged chewed edges. FAIL.

i'm gonna shower (part 1)

Don't I look ready to be baby showered? Mike's mom and aunts graciously offered to throw a dual shower for me and our cousin Sarah who is due a couple weeks after me.

Here comes the cake, which I likened to that Jet's Pizza corner pizza because everyone got a frostingful corner piece. Yumz.

Secret baby girl name and cousin Nathan get acquainted.

Crafty time decorating onesies!

Mike made a baby bus... hehe.

And I decided it's never too early to do the embarrassing "dress alike" thing...

so many puns so little time

I guess my latest pot roast was really inspiring or something.


happy anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life <3


heads. awesome.

It is what it is.

sayonara acura

I miss my old 1989 Acura Integra like bad. I don't know why it has been coming to mind lately, especially since I am so thankful to have a reliable car with a way sweeter sound system and A/C and all of the snazziness of a car that is actually from this century.

But I loved this old thing. It actually ran super well, and was in great condition (mechanics would always marvel). I had hoped it would last a solid two decades... but it died around the ripe old age of 18. Went bravely off to war the first chance it could, I like to think.

However, it probably actually looks something like this now... *single tear slowly falling* But for now, let's remember some of the good times...

this is a nightmare

the Gatekeeper via VHS tape leads us in the best board game ever to come out in 1991. Mike documented the entire process for us, resulting in some sweet LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING photos.

The hilarity begins right away as the rules are disclosed.

Get yo' game on.

THE CHOSEN ONE is summoned to the Gatekeeper.


The OLD MAGGOT (me, as affectionately coined by the Gatekeeper) must roll her age exactly before the game can continue.

FINALLY did it.

We had a different card than this, but McLaine and I got a great scream in.

um this photo is amazing

The face of defeat... by the time the one hour tape runs out none of us wins which mean the victory goes to the Gatekeeper.

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