the big 3-0

I totally stole this photo from this cool site

So I am celebrating 30 today. "Years?" you may ask? That is, if you didn't notice like two days ago when I mentioned it was my half bday. No, I am actually 30 weeks pregnant (of 40, for those of you baby-unsavvy). It feels weirrrd to be so far along.

We do not have any full-length mirrors in our home. So when I went to H&M the other day to try on a couple things (buy one get one free adorable shirts!), it was the first time I had actually seen myself in a full-length mirror in months. Dude I was shocked at my big ol' tumz. This is like really happening apparently. I honestly keep thinking I'll go to the doc and she'll tell me they've just been mistaking a digesting piece of food for a baby all this time.


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