mike vs. pig, a tale of friendship


Thankfully, at this point in my pregnancy I haven't experienced much of the hand/feet swelling that I've heard so much about. However, sometimes by the end of the day my wedding ring feels tight. So to prepare myself for the future, I went out and got the best ring $8 could buy. So much fake sparkle!

one dimple, plz

I can't wait to see what our baby looks like! But in case it is not too late, Mike and I have just a few simple requests.

I would like to place an order for Mike's cute dimples and the adorably chubby cheeks he had as a baby.

And Mike requests Karen's shoulder and face freckles (which honestly are the result of sun damage) and eyes (which I think have the power to be way too manipulative for baby's own good... We'll never be able to say no to her!)

Of course we will be obsessed with her even if she looks like a llama. Or if she looks like this website predicts our "daughter" will look like:

Ahhhh! Ok, that is slightly scary... But even if you end up looking like a boy with weird hair clips I will still love you, little baby!

soundtrack to my week

'Cause even Marie Antoinette likes to rock.

Old Yellow Bricks- Arctic Monkeys
Teddy Picker- Arctic Monkeys
Stadium Love- Metric
Ready to Start- Arcade Fire
Hidden Place- Bjork
Nirvana- Juliana Hatfield
Bad Day- Juliana Hatfield
June Gloom- The Like
Portions For Foxes- Rilo Kiley
Tonight- Lykke Li

Before Hayley ever sang her first note, there was Juliana. Thank you for getting me through the 90's and being my first rock icon. I used to listen and relisten to the part in this song where she's like "She's got a wall around her nobody can cli-ii-iiimb". So good.

mostly just eats

Just a few pix from a visit to the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival in Royal Oak earlier this month. It's kinda awesome... you just walk around and eat various things.

Let me say that it takes a rare creature to look good eating corn on the cob. I am jealous of his photogenic-ness.

There were carnies there (with games and rides too... it wasn't just the carnies hanging out). I told Mike if he really loved me he would win me some "skull balls", as I affectionately called them. Alas, he did not, so I guess I have to base his love for me on years of loving actions and words. Pfff.



For awhile now, I've wanted a cute lil baby snake. But like one that I can feed plants to- no bugs or living things... ew. I don't think those exist though, which is why I don't have one yet.

Speaking of snakes, there is this awesome movie that Ciara and I "love" (because true love is fear, right?) called Sssssss. Yes, the title is just seven S's. It is an old horror movie about a scientist who transforms people's DNA or some crap like that into part snake-ness. And, let me tell you, the effects will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Here's a little taste of one of the climactic moments. WHY DID THIS FILM NOT WIN AN OSCAR?

the big 3-0

I totally stole this photo from this cool site

So I am celebrating 30 today. "Years?" you may ask? That is, if you didn't notice like two days ago when I mentioned it was my half bday. No, I am actually 30 weeks pregnant (of 40, for those of you baby-unsavvy). It feels weirrrd to be so far along.

We do not have any full-length mirrors in our home. So when I went to H&M the other day to try on a couple things (buy one get one free adorable shirts!), it was the first time I had actually seen myself in a full-length mirror in months. Dude I was shocked at my big ol' tumz. This is like really happening apparently. I honestly keep thinking I'll go to the doc and she'll tell me they've just been mistaking a digesting piece of food for a baby all this time.

one ring to bind them

I would like to profess my love for when the above accident happens. Because sometimes I see onion rings and think "wow those would taste really great". And then after eating one, I'm like "ok that is plenty". So maybe instead of waiting for it to unintentionally happen, I will be that weirdo in the drive-thru who says "Can I have a medium fry and just put a single onion ring in, please."

Also let it be known to all that today is my half birthday. Six more months to live up my 20's. And then I've got 10 whole years to live up those awesome 30's.

right here waiting to skate with you

Ok, I know I have like super recently and frequently posted about Tegan & Sara, but I just seriously have a summer crush on this song. Like, if me and this song were at a skating party at Riverside Arena in 1994, I would ask it to hold hands with me as we skated to "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx. Because that's what all the other cool kids did. And no I was not one of them.

happy mom day

I wasn't kiddin when I recently said that it is fam bday season. This time it's my mom's turn! Happy birthday to my lovely mother- I'm sure the other grandmothers of the world will be jealous that they don't look as young as you. (Let's hope I inherited some o' those genes...)


Things I do not like...

1. Cursive house numbers.


2. The phrase "to throw under the bus", often used in reality TV shows.


3. Baby oversized flower head tumors.

I am sorry if you think it is cute. TO ME, IT IS NOT.

I guess you could say I've been having my irritable moments. Not sleeping and constant back pain will do that to me, I suppose. Robert Pattinson and I apparently have something in common.

cool girls i haven't met yet

zooey | hayley | jenny
juliana | emily | kristen
alison | kat | tegan sara
audrey | sofia | brooke
my tiny raspberry baby | my serene banana baby | my dancing eggplant baby

football bores me

Since my brain apparently operates on a different frequency than mostly everyone else's in these here parts, this is the kind of stuff we do on Michigan football Saturdays.

Don't mind us, we just like to enjoy pretty days by picking flowers and shooting stuff. Consider Ben Linus from Lost "taken care of". And I have no idea who Michigan played against last Saturday. I think they won though, because people didn't look depressed on the street later on.

more and more morning glories

I have so many pics from all these mornings of pretty flowers, so I totally had to share some more.

They are seriously taking over. Poor mailperson...

my other fav kind of pumpkin

In the recent spell of nice weather, Mike and I decided to check out the Jolly Pumpkin's outdoor patio seating. Turns out the food is just as good in the open air!

Look at that lovely blue sky.

Why yes there it is.

Mike was more patient waiting for his food than I.

It was so worth the wait. The South Pacific pizza is a win again!

more like yumkin pie

I could eat this every day. I don't know it I can consider it a pregnancy craving, because I think I feel this way all the time baby or not... However nowadays I just feel a little more justified in indulging. The doc sez I need to pack on more pounds, so bring it on. Yumz.

i'll solve, pat

Mike and I have (no joke) 42 episodes of Wheel of Fortune on our DVR. He set it to tape every episode so when we feel like putting a show on, we've got some... and then they just accumulated... a lot.

Anywho, the other day, we had this ancient episode on, and much to my delight, I knew the puzzle after one spin...

Come on, you can guess it too!

There we go. Nice.

it's time it's time it's time

September means autumn and all its loveliness are coming soon! Colorful trees and cool sunny days and cinnamon donuts! Sweaters and tights (um that probably won't fit me this year) and scarves! Halloween costume parties and haunted houses! Thanksgiving dinner! I don't care if my baby is due that weekend... I will celebrate weeks early if necessary! I LOVE FALL. I wish I had a reason to buy some school supplies...

my name is karen

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