some sunday rock

Miracle of miracles, I got to go to the Paramore/Tegan and Sara show last night after all! (I realize that I may be underestimating the concept of a miracle) Get this though... my buddy Brad apparently has some hook ups on account of his previous stint as bass playa in the Swellers who are on Paramore's label. So I got to go for freeeee. And had awesome 5th row seats, yo. The Blackberry pix don't do it justice, but they give you a small glimpse of my awesome night. BTW HAYLEY IS SO PRETTY UP CLOSE.

But up first were the rockingest twins I know, Tegan and Sara. Seriously, they played so so well. Great jams from T&S!

"You Wouldn't Like Me" and a pared-down version of "Back in Your Head" were total favs.

And of course their new jam "Northshore". Love!

Check it out!

Coming tomorrow... Paramore pix!


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