jenny + johnny

If I was Jenny Lewis and I had a boyfriend named Johnny, I too would create a band called Jenny and Johnny. Perhaps I will start Kareny and Mikey. Album coming soon featuring me on mandolin and Mike on trombone.

Anywho, I've been checking out their tunes because I love that Jenny. Pretty decent stuff, although my heart will always first and foremost be with Rilo Kiley when it comes to Jenny L bands.

crafty corner

Ahh! I have to make one of these for baby to hang up her little baby coats and hats!

And these can be the little magnets that hold up her little drawings and report cards on the fridge!

And this because every child needs a creepy gingerbread skeleton cookie with milk after a bad day at school!

I hope you all have accepted that around 75% of my posts will mention my baby. I can't help it... I'm obsessed with this kid, no matter how much physical discomfort she daily causes me. (I feel like an old lady with all my back pain complaints)


A couple months ago, I put some little round seeds in the ground, and before I knew it, the vines and leaves slowly overtook my deck. And now after a suspenseful wait, the flowers are here!

I love the heart-shaped leaves. Such a Karen-y thing to say, I know...

It's become my morning ritual to wake up and get ready with enough time to go outside and admire the flowers (and take lots o pix with the Blackberry). They often close up by afternoon, hence the name I guess.

The condo association is painting the exterior of our place in a couple weeks and have warned us that our landscaping may be damaged. So I need to enjoy these while I can! Feel free to creep around my yard unannounced- the deck is lovely!

two digits whoa

This week marked a milestone... I am now in the double digits in the daily countdown til baby arrives (if she comes on time)! Luckily her big sis is breaking in her crib.

Also coming soon- some fun pix of Karen-made baby room decor! Let's just say I found a use for some of my lil felt creations.


Mike and I like to go out and about in Ann Arbor and do (what we consider to be) fun things. Like eat ice cream (I recently have made the switch from cup to waffle cone) and go to diners and do puzzle books. Our fave is the syllacrostic puzzles, so we jumped with glee when we found out we could order a book that was ALL SYLLACROSTICS.

Hehe, "puzzle pleasure"...

Cute Mike lookin cute.


Perhaps I shall cut and display some of my newly blooming morning glories in a shiny gold banana vase. MG pix coming soon! (sadly sans banana vase)

growing up veggie

No this is not a post about how I will raise my daughter as a vegetarian, but rather the progression of my baby's growth as represented by foods. It feels like yesterday when she was just an apple seed (fruits are amply represented as well).

Ahhh so adorablzz...

Now at the six month mark, look at you! This week you're an eggplant, next week you'll be off to college. (*sniff sniff*)

it's not a dream anymore it's worth fighting for

Next up was PARAMORE. I got to see them last fall when Hayley was dealing with I think laryngitis or something crazy like that. I thought she still sounded great then, but I could tell the difference at this show. Hayley at 100% is AMAZING. Seriously stellar vox.

Some favorites they did were an acoustic "Where the Lines Overlap" and a vocally olympic "Careful".

Brad was into it, but I was totally spazzing, it's true.

I finally got to hear "The Only Exception", which they confusingly omitted from the set last time. Bonus pyrotechnics during the final chorus!

And they closed out the show with a confetti cannon explosion during fan-fav "Misery Business".

Final bows... NO DON'T GO NOT YET.

some sunday rock

Miracle of miracles, I got to go to the Paramore/Tegan and Sara show last night after all! (I realize that I may be underestimating the concept of a miracle) Get this though... my buddy Brad apparently has some hook ups on account of his previous stint as bass playa in the Swellers who are on Paramore's label. So I got to go for freeeee. And had awesome 5th row seats, yo. The Blackberry pix don't do it justice, but they give you a small glimpse of my awesome night. BTW HAYLEY IS SO PRETTY UP CLOSE.

But up first were the rockingest twins I know, Tegan and Sara. Seriously, they played so so well. Great jams from T&S!

"You Wouldn't Like Me" and a pared-down version of "Back in Your Head" were total favs.

And of course their new jam "Northshore". Love!

Check it out!

Coming tomorrow... Paramore pix!

soundtrack to my week

tegan & sara- "back in your head"
metric- "eclipse (all yours)"
metric- "black sheep"
paramore- "where the lines overlap"
adele- "make you feel my love"
she & him- "lingering still"
the chapin sisters- "palm tree"
fiona apple- "shadowboxer"

It's all about the ladies.

zoobilee zoo

Happy 5th birthday to my wonderful, weird, sometimes-adorable n cuddly, zany kitty Zooey! In case you are wondering, this is a big milestone for her, as 5 in cat years is the equivalent of age 40 in human years! So go easy on her and try not to give her too hard of a time about being over the hill.


So I was at Joann's Fabrics being all domesticated and whatnot, and I decided that I was interested in getting back into crocheting so I picked up some new yarn. I used to be quite the crochetist and knittist (yes I just made those words up) a few years back.

This was my first attempt in probably like four years...

All done! A lil soft hat for my winter baby.

no one is as lucky as us

Some o my girls are hitting the stage this month. Miss Hayley of Paramore and the lovely Tegan & Sara. I wanna go!

happy bro-day

Happy birthday to my brother Chris! Regular guy by day, rockstar by night.

still wannnt

Ok, there was a time period when I thought my love for my lil baby had completely eradicated my longing for a lil baby cat of the powdery grey persuasion. Then I stumbled across some new pics on the ever adorable site, The Daily Kitten.... and I have re-melted anew. Why shouldn't I surround myself with multiple cute beings??

you're hot & you're cold

What a crazy place I live in. Right around July, I find myself thinking how bizarre January will feel and vice versa. Crazy Michigan extremes! If I may put in a request, I would like an extra long crispy cool sunny autumn this year, please.

a good day

1. It wasn't too hot to sit outside and read.
2. I put on hot pink nail polish with sparkles.
3. I was surrounded by my lovely flowers.

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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