party, pops style

I know I posted this photo before, but this time it is actually applicable.

Happy birthday to my awesome dad! AKA, the guy responsible for causing one of my YouTube videos to actually have a view count in the six digit range. This is four more digits than normal for me, mind you.

i don't wanna wait for our liiives to be overrr

I adore the 90's, Dawson's Creek, and Joshua Jackson for doing this. The only tragedy is that I was not in attendance. On a side note, I also happen to find fanfiction completely hilarious (I am reminded of this since apparently Pacey-Con includes live readings of DC fanfics). A couple times Mike and I have tried to see who could find the most ridiculous stories online. I think I am the reigning champ for discovering a romantic escapade surrounding someone who time travels to find a young Alton Brown (from the Food Network) working in a pizza shop. That or the other story about Joey Gladstone and an older version of DJ from Full House being unable to deny their secret love. I mean, what kind of people are these stories appealing to?

pretty little liars

Turns out the show is aptly named.

So if you're a girl I know who watches television, I have probably mentioned the new show Pretty Little Liars to you.... because it's awesome. And when I say "awesome", I mean in a "total guilty pleasure teen mystery drama with unrealistic amounts of scandal surrounding four sixteen-year-old girls and the mysterious text messages they receive" kind of way. ABC family, I don't know what kind of family would sit down and watch this together, but I know I've got a limited amount of time before I have to censor my TV from baby's delicate eyes and ears. So I would like to say thank you for bringing me this fine summer programming in the midst of a desolate sea of reruns and weekly dancing injuries on So You Think You Can Dance.

The girls are suspected in the disappearance/death of one of their friends, and they try to solve the mystery themselves... all while keeping all these OTHER ridiculous secrets.

But they keep getting texts from the mysterious "A", who seems to know everything they are trying to hide. EVERYTHING! Ahh what will happen?? Set your DVR to find out!

I would just like to point out that when I was in high school, I probably knew three people total who owned a cell phone. They were large and bulky and the result of overprotective moms. If I only knew all the drama I was saved from...

bless your bloody heart

So I think it's safe to say that I have a thing for innards. Especially when they are the subject of cutesy or soft plushie art. I don't know why exactly I am drawn to the likes of vein-covered tights or anatomical lungs embroidered on a baby onesie, but I do know these knitted guts fill me with glee:

Too scary for baby's room? Or just... educational?

future reads

I've been going through a huge re-reading phase for the past few months and have re-devoured several books from the trusty ol' shelf. So it is finally time to break out of the rut and take on a few books that a lot of people other than me have already read... In the meantime, feel free to recommend your fav books of any genre to me- I'm always lookin to add to the library!

baby face

So as you probably know, this type of image is pretty standard ultrasound stuff... Typical cute lil baby profile. However, they sometimes get a shot of the baby looking right at you...

And from this image I have managed to sketch what I believe can be considered a true likeness of baby bus...

My adorable little spawn. Let me know if you want a copy for your wallet!

mini soundtrack to my week

soundtrack to my week, churchy version! just a few old and new favs that are worth a listen or ten:

for the glory of it all - david crowder band
oh you bring - hillsong united
there is nothing like - hillsong united
his glory appears - hillsong united
let go - barlow girl
hymn - brooke fraser
son of god - starfield

And this song too. Ahhh that lift at like 5:14 and beyond is like the most amazing thing evarrr...

to unpack is wack

The post title says it all... I just can't get the unpacking done. 'Cause it turns out being pregnant is like totally exhausting. This means my offspring might be looking at cardboard boxes for the first several months of her life because that bedroom has become the official storage room. However, this is good news for Zooey, whose own personal paradise consists of piles of cardboard boxes and neverending pieces of string.

gimme gimme

Why is it that when you can't have something you want it so so BAD? I love this lil baby girl but all I wanna do is count down the days until I can eat piles of hot dogs and get another tattoo. Can someone please arrange that for me at the hospital on or around November 29?

Hmm, now that think about it, maybe I could combine the two desires and get a tattoo OF THIS HOT DOG.


it's a...

I have no idea right now, but in a few hours I will finally know!

box it up

So you know what was like totally hilariouzz? When Mike unknowingly wore his boxes tshirt for the occasion of buying boxes at Home Depot.

my firstborn

I will always hold a special place in my heart for my first baby Zooey. And by baby I mean crazy adopted cat. Now if only I can break the news to her that she won't have me all to herself anymore in a few months...

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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