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So I've got major love for many things indie, but I do declare that one author who keeps me turning those pages is the much missed Michael Crichton (1942-2008). Ever since I borrowed Jurassic Park from my brother's book shelf as a kid, I've devoured anything and everything he's written. And these books are always good for a reread too. I like em all, but here are some favs:

It had me from the first chapter in which someone sees what they think is a wet piece of fruit dropping from a tree and is actually a freshly severed eyeball.

I just reread this one. It goes everywhere from being trapped in a crevasse in Antarctica to being next in line to be eaten by cannibals on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific. Oh yeah and it gets all "are you sure about that?" when it comes to its controversial discussion of global warming.

This is one of the first I read, and I remember young Karen being absolutely captivated by the originality and suspense of the story. What happens when you're investigating an alien object on the ocean floor and due to its unexplained powers you can suddenly and involuntarily create your worst fears with your mind? CRAZY STUFF, that's what.

I was so sad to hear of his death a couple years ago, but he left behind lots and lots of great reads. Don't waste your time with the mostly bleh movie versions of his books (aside from the classic Jurassic Park); you gotta go straight to the source for maximum awesomeness.


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