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In recognition of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga coming out in a couple days, I have decided to compile the random Eclipse-related things I wanted to blog about in one entry. I figure that will make me seem like less of a nerd (or a twelve-year-old girl), rather than having multiple Twilight themed posts.

1. The soundtrack is good.
My faves on the album are the Florence + the Machine track, "Heavy in Your Arms" (I've been meaning to check them out for awhile and this song makes me want stop procrastinating on that) and of course the Metric song "All Yours". I'm so proud of my lil Canadian rockers breaking into the bigtime. They have the main track on the album with a video for this jam coming soon.

2. I like Kristen.
Kristen Stewart, aka Bella, is totally misunderstood. Yeah she has a tough exterior and often comes over awkward in interviews, but she's totally smilier than people give her credit for. Yet she still doesn't care what you think enough for her to change out of her pretty dresses into jeans the first chance she gets, which might be in the middle of a major event. My kind of girl.

3. Rob's dad is awesome.
Highlights at the 3 minute mark. Seriously, Mr. Pattinson the elder rules.

4. This is my favorite book.
Of the four books in the Twilight series, Eclipse is my favorite. So, duh, I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie. So much so that despite my constant fatigue due to my body using much of its energy to make a human being inside my womb, I will be dragging Mike along with me at midnight on Wednesday to see it. Oh crap, I just realized I am officially a "Twi-mom" now. Gah.


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