eclipse like whoa

In recognition of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga coming out in a couple days, I have decided to compile the random Eclipse-related things I wanted to blog about in one entry. I figure that will make me seem like less of a nerd (or a twelve-year-old girl), rather than having multiple Twilight themed posts.

1. The soundtrack is good.
My faves on the album are the Florence + the Machine track, "Heavy in Your Arms" (I've been meaning to check them out for awhile and this song makes me want stop procrastinating on that) and of course the Metric song "All Yours". I'm so proud of my lil Canadian rockers breaking into the bigtime. They have the main track on the album with a video for this jam coming soon.

2. I like Kristen.
Kristen Stewart, aka Bella, is totally misunderstood. Yeah she has a tough exterior and often comes over awkward in interviews, but she's totally smilier than people give her credit for. Yet she still doesn't care what you think enough for her to change out of her pretty dresses into jeans the first chance she gets, which might be in the middle of a major event. My kind of girl.

3. Rob's dad is awesome.
Highlights at the 3 minute mark. Seriously, Mr. Pattinson the elder rules.

4. This is my favorite book.
Of the four books in the Twilight series, Eclipse is my favorite. So, duh, I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie. So much so that despite my constant fatigue due to my body using much of its energy to make a human being inside my womb, I will be dragging Mike along with me at midnight on Wednesday to see it. Oh crap, I just realized I am officially a "Twi-mom" now. Gah.

old tunes & new tunes

So I went to the She & Him show earlier this month (baby's third concert... seriously this baby is set up to be wayyy cooler than me), which was surprisingly AWESOME. I mean, I knew it would be decent, but I love it when a show exceeds your expectations. I didn't know what the vibe would be since the music is mostly mellow, but they actually rocked it out a bit and played like every song imaginable. And even though folk is hardly my usual thing, their opening band really impressed me.

The Chapin Sisters played their own half hour set, and then joined She & Him on back up vocals and various percussive and melodic instruments. I haven't enjoyed an unknown (to me) opening band this much since I saw Feist way way back in the day open for Broken Social Scene.

Their adorably low-budget video for their song "Let Me Go".

books for baby

If you've ever been inside our home (or helped us move), you may have noticed that Mike and I are both book lovers. So we've already started a book collection for our lil baby on the way. We decided to get some of our old favorites. You gotta love Lowly the Worm and those classic Goldenbooks!

pop lit plz

So I've got major love for many things indie, but I do declare that one author who keeps me turning those pages is the much missed Michael Crichton (1942-2008). Ever since I borrowed Jurassic Park from my brother's book shelf as a kid, I've devoured anything and everything he's written. And these books are always good for a reread too. I like em all, but here are some favs:

It had me from the first chapter in which someone sees what they think is a wet piece of fruit dropping from a tree and is actually a freshly severed eyeball.

I just reread this one. It goes everywhere from being trapped in a crevasse in Antarctica to being next in line to be eaten by cannibals on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific. Oh yeah and it gets all "are you sure about that?" when it comes to its controversial discussion of global warming.

This is one of the first I read, and I remember young Karen being absolutely captivated by the originality and suspense of the story. What happens when you're investigating an alien object on the ocean floor and due to its unexplained powers you can suddenly and involuntarily create your worst fears with your mind? CRAZY STUFF, that's what.

I was so sad to hear of his death a couple years ago, but he left behind lots and lots of great reads. Don't waste your time with the mostly bleh movie versions of his books (aside from the classic Jurassic Park); you gotta go straight to the source for maximum awesomeness.

she's baaack

As I've mentioned before, I adore Sofia Coppola. So why must she make me wait til the end of the year to see her much anticipated next movie?

rex manning day

Ok, there is way too much going on in my life right now, so I have decided that I want to step off the surface of reality and travel to an alternate universe in which I enter the world of the movie Empire Records.

Sure, there was drama. There was angsty conflict. There was a creepy old washed up pop star and the record store's financial problems and the whole other suicide attempt situation and whatnot. But there also were a bunch of rad people hanging out in a record store all day, lots o' 90's alternative rock, and plaid kilts and doc martens aplenty.

These would be some of my friends.

This is the roof I would hang out on. Also possibly where I sing with my band for the first time and perhaps the location of the place I finally find love. [Please note: I have already found love... I was just making a reference to the movie.]

guess the design was good as is

So it turns out that this

without this

equals this.

I suppose there is a reason fans have those covers. To clarify, it was broken so rather than fix it, we decided to be very careful around it. We did not take into consideration my innate clumsiness, so now I look like Zooey went crazy on me.

home sweet home

So we have finally moved to our new place which totally looks JUST like this... if you are on mind altering drugs perhaps. In reality it is actually a cute little two bedroom with a real live basement! With a washer and dryer that require no quarters! That's all the luxury I need.

We finally got some internets all up in this, so hopefully you will be hearing more from me and my adventures. This also means that I will be able to do more than unpack and watch gobs of Daria episodes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Ahh the one where Trent convinces Daria to pierce her belly button... so classic.

Anywho, hope your Junes are treating you well. More karenincolor soon!

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