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In the midst of my first trimester craptastic physical and emotional blahs, today I experienced the joy of joys... my Daria DVD's came in the mail. The late 90's series was finally officially released on DVD (with much of the alt-rock changed due to licensing issues), and I managed to procure a copy of the entire 5 seasons for a fraction of the original price.

Now I can enjoy all the classic episodes chock full o' Daria's bone dry sarcasm and the rest of the crew all over again. Some fav characters:

Daria's vapidly shallow younger sister Quinn whose major achievement was being popular and an officer of the Fashion Club.

Her artsy and equally witty BFF Jane, fellow fan of the amazing tv show "Sick Sad World" (which I really wish existed in real life).

And Daria's perpetual secret crush, Jane's slacker wannabe punk rocker older bro Trent. Back then I wished he could've been my boyfriend too.

It's been awhile since MTV had such quality tv...


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