more treasures under the bed

There was an era when I was kinda frequently in the arts sections of various local newspapers due to all the leading roles in shows I had (Do I sound like a total jerk? It's not like I was on Broadway or anything).

And I am not the only famous one in the fam. One year my insanely runner-y parents went to register for the Detroit marathon only to discover that a photo of them was on all the promotional material for it. And for some ridiculous reason, I ran a 5K that started and ended at the same place the marathon did which meant I had the pleasure of running onto Fold Field as well as running alongside Kwame Kilpatrick when he was in the infancy of his mayorship... you know before that one thing and all that other stuff happened way back when he was just some dude.

And then, you know, there's stuff like my old Terminator 2 cards and Mariah Carey cassettes. Don't hate- T2 was so ahead of its time! It is my goal to get people to watch and love it and even maybe shed a tear or two.

And lastly, the first cell phone I ever owned. And let me take a moment to explain what I now see is a very conspicuous Hitler flier below it. Let's just say that back in my early college days at the turn of the millennium, one big debate between conservatives and liberals was about whether Saddam Hussein was all that bad. Here in this handy chart, you see all the ways he allegedly emulates Hitler. I took it to cut out the Saddam photo to put in a friend's birthday card because I guess I am that kind of person.

buried treasure

So the other big news in our lives right now is that we are moving to our first home that we actually have to pay for to own. I can't deal with moving boxes of junk, so I decreed that we shall get rid of old stuff we don't want anymore. Of course this led to digging up old gems...

I find this note that someone sent me during 9th grade kind of hilarious.

This is me in my late 90's prime. So when I speak of my love for Daria and the Romeo & Juliet movie and Radiohead's OK Computer and going to the Shelter or St. Andrew's for rock shows, this is the person you now must call to mind doing those things. Do I actually need glasses? No.

Then I went to college and everything got like totally serious.

Even if you don't have a head, you should always look your best.

i been writing some jamz

Um when I am writing music I look off in the distance all meditatively n stuff.

I also may be drinking a Polar Pop via the prestigious Circle K.***

Then sometimes I lie down because baby makes me real tired.

***about three seconds later the wind knocked it over and my blanket got covered with Pepsi and I had NOTHING TO USE TO CLEAN IT UPPP.

be mine

I have heard of this movie Blue Valentine but I don't really remember what it is about or anything at all. But I want to see it because I find the adorableness of Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling overwhelming. Too much cuteness in one (onscreen) couple!

However I must admit that when it comes to photos of the "Michelle in a pretty dress posing with a dapper young man" category, this one is the best:

you're standing on my neck

In the midst of my first trimester craptastic physical and emotional blahs, today I experienced the joy of joys... my Daria DVD's came in the mail. The late 90's series was finally officially released on DVD (with much of the alt-rock changed due to licensing issues), and I managed to procure a copy of the entire 5 seasons for a fraction of the original price.

Now I can enjoy all the classic episodes chock full o' Daria's bone dry sarcasm and the rest of the crew all over again. Some fav characters:

Daria's vapidly shallow younger sister Quinn whose major achievement was being popular and an officer of the Fashion Club.

Her artsy and equally witty BFF Jane, fellow fan of the amazing tv show "Sick Sad World" (which I really wish existed in real life).

And Daria's perpetual secret crush, Jane's slacker wannabe punk rocker older bro Trent. Back then I wished he could've been my boyfriend too.

It's been awhile since MTV had such quality tv...

hot sweet super cool don't ya know these kitties rule

I would like to go back in time and join this band. I mean come on... I'd get to wear a cat costume for no good reason, rock out some shows, AND sometimes help the Scooby gang solve crimes? I am so in.

I'd have to watch out for that Melody though... always stealing the spotlight.

And that devious Josie too! She's all tryin to get that hot girl chubby by filling her up with cupcakes...

i hear the sound of mandolins

wild is the wind- cat power
resurrection fern- iron & wine
my love- the bird & the bee
roads- portishead
hello- lea michele & jonathan groff
street spirit (fade out)- radiohead
encantada- ida
waiting on an angel - ben harper
you really got a hold on me- she & him

And this version of this song... This is like the most beautiful thing I have heard and seen this year (until I saw my baby's lil heartbeat winking at me on a screen).

gotta fess up

So I finally can explain my lack of blog posts over the past few months. My body has been taken over by a (currently lime-sized) parasite that controls my every waking hour. He or she is totally welcome to continue to mooch off me for the next several months, don't get me wrong, but it's just been difficult to keep up with some of the things that used to come easy to me... like posting on my blog, which I used to do in the wee hours of the evening.

Guess I've got a lot in common with Mike's new fav beverage... Since we're both LIME-BLASTED.

I've got a lot in common with this dude too. Did you know that at rest the energy required by the body to create a baby is the same energy expounded while mountain climbing? So when I say I am tired, I AM NOT KIDDING.

And as for the other fun symptoms, I'm sure you've heard of the nausea, sickness, frequent urination, and mood swings. But did you know you're more likely to get nosebleeds and congestion? That your digestive tract slows down to a sluggish pace? That you get break outs like a teenager? That you become really forgetful and feel like your brain is in a fog? That your sense of smell becomes superhero sensitive? The list goes on and on... I'll spare you some of the more, shall we say, graphic ones.

pretty windows

So Mike and I got ourselves a new home that we will be moving into in a few weeks. No, sadly, it is not pictured here... But I love these pics because who doesn't love a cute window box full o flowers? It turns out that our condo has ones built in, so I am looking forward to filling those up with colorful pretty things!

sounds like

Ok, so I may be completely alone in this, but now that I have accumulated three separate examples, I decided this was blog-worthy. So Rilo Kiley's album The Execution of All Things is like one of my absolute faves, which means I've listened to it like a billion times in my car. Several months into owning it, I came to realize that all these times that I thought someone had honked at me all happened at the same point of a certain song... so duh I finally figured out that it was something in the music that sounded just like I was being honked at. Now when I listen to "Spectacular Views" I know not to glare in my rearview mirror.

This also happens with the Metric song "Gold Guns Girls"... I'm always like "ooh text!"

And now with the Glee version of Lionel Richie's "Hello". Laugh at me if you want for purchasing this mp3, but their cover of this song is GREAT. But the beat near the end also sounds like my turn signal.

Final related anecdote: Once Mike and I were driving, and I said something that he made a scoffing noise at. And I was immediately furious. I was like "Did you seriously just scoff at me??" And he was like "No I didn't" and I was like "Yeah ya did" and then I heard the noise again and it came from a dog whose head was out the window of the car next to us at the stoplight. Arguing turned into hilarity instantly.

they don't call it store cute for nothin

I absolutely love Fred Flare and its vast array of adorable merchandise. I mean, how can you not want a plushie donut pillow or a pan that makes a cake that looks like a pb&j sandwich?? These are necessities, I tell you! Next time I am in NYC this store will be stop #1... and then maybe I'll hit up the three story H&M too. Mike can just go take photos of stuff for a few hours!

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