it's been awhile, miami

So I was kinda hoping to do this post while there was still snow on the ground and everyone was bundled up in eight layers of clothes. It would have been a little more impressive and gloat-worthy of me. But just remember this was back in January, when the sun was barely shining around here. Hope you enjoy part one of our weekend fling with the crazy Miami!

[Side note: Stick with me, lovely readers! I am not giving up on this blog- it's just been a crazy couple of months and posting has been difficult. But plenty more Karen in Color is yet to come.]

Dem & I gaze longingly at our plane tickets that we are about to use.

Ciara isn't as excited about the flying part as we are.

We arrived in the evening. This is the view from where we stayed- Ciara's friend Sara was gracious enough to let us hang at her place and be our tour guide for the weekend. So we started off by hitting up the downtown strip for some food and window shopping.

More pics to come from the next few days. We woke up to a lovely blue sky and warm temps which means it's beach time, y'all.


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