crazy olden days

Ah yes, you gotta love old timey offensiveness. I found this in the vintage postcard section at the Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor, local secondhand shop. I wonder what kinds of things people say and do now that in 50 years people will be like horrified by...?

i've read it like twelve times

I tried on Claire's double strand of pearls in the morning, ran the smooth, lustrous beads through my fingers, touched the coral rose of the clasp. The pearls weren't really white, they were a warm oyster beige, with little knots in between so if they broke, you only lost one. I wished my life could be like that, knotted up so that even if something broke, the whole thing wouldn't come apart.

um my favorite book ever

two more months two more months

See? They actually could go a whole trailer without any lovey scenes. Well... except for the one with that awful MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT RING. Edward, Bella would have to bulk up her hand muscles to tote that diamondsplosion around all the time. I mean I know you're rich, but come on.

Now, if you wanna see some quality entertainment, check out the lil video below:

i got a broken heart

Does it make me a total weirdo that I was like "woohoo my heart condition got a shout-out on House yesterday"? Sure, it may be true that they were offering it up as a possible reason for the patient's creepy bloody eyes (what??? no one told me that), but I still felt kinda cool.

see his pug-nosed face

Do me the honor of enjoying three and a half minutes of some of my favorite television ever... (Moment of shall we say colorful language at the beginning, fyi. It is HBO, people)

breaking news


el fin

Hi, my name is Karen, and I'm a photoholic. "Hi, Karen."

Right before Sara dropped us off at the airport, Ciara wanted to swing by this massive mall. They shopped around a bit, but Dem and I were like um it's like really awesome outside let's take advantage of that before we get home to a crap winter storm. So we hung out outside the mall for a little bit, and the bberry got some action.

doopa dooo don't mind me...


THE END. Thanks for enduring my vacation slide show!

ice creamy

Superman ice cream with GUMMY BEARS? Ehhh who would eat that?

Ah yes.

I prefer the much classier sounding french silk on a sugar cone, thank you very much.

um miami and stuff

There were a few Miami pics that didn't quite fit into a category, yet I didn't want to leave them out...

We stumbled across this "petting zoo", where for a mere $4 you could get inside this fenced off area full of bunnies, kitties, puppies, chickens, piglets, and more! What a deal. Later on we walked by and they all were sleeping in piles of their own species. They may be adorable, but they sure are cliquey.

Ahh that sign! I love how they shamelessly stole the design from Home Depot.

Seriously, I have always thought that making CD divider labels at a record store would be an awesome job. And ones like this prove me right in its awesomeness. (The band's name is Sleater-Kinney for those of you not up on your 90's girl bands.)

Um ok, so I am sorry if you are sick of Miami, but I've got a few more photos to come...

bathroom break

Sometimes you're in a bathroom and you think "hey my legs look kinda cool reflected in that trash can", right? Right?... Or is that just me?

my hammy

Ok, so who knows when I'll be back to this lovely place? So I had to make ample use of the blackberry to snap up a million pix. One evening we went to this boardwalk thingy called Bayside (woo), which was the setting for this video. Also we encountered a creepy carousel (to be fair, carousels are usually creepy) and lots o kitschy souvenirs.

My trusty steed.

KMMR #2 dudes

Betcha thought I wasn't gonna get around to doing this again! Well, here I am with installment #2 of KAREN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS. Today's movie? Remember Me, starring Edward Cullen from Twilight and Claire from Lost. Btw TOTALLY major spoiler alertz because I just can't help myself.

Josh, where did you come from? Please go back to whereever you live when it's not Christmastime when for some reason people get obsessed with your completely bland version of "O Holy Night"
I thought it was the theme song from the movie Troy...
Ok, Josh whatever... If you guys want some epic background music, click below as you continue reading.

Ok, as the previous image suggests, the plot was a bit lacking. And by lacking, I mean lacking in good-ness, because it certainly wasn't lacking in drama or plot twists. Everyone in this dang movie was dealing with either seeing their parent murdered in front of them, dealing with the suicide of a family member, having a bad dad (bonus points for multiple characters dealing with that one), getting beat up by the cops, being overly sensitive, or just annoyingly attempting to put on an American accent. Side note: Why do Brits end up sounding Irish sometimes when they try to do American accents?

The silly thing is, I am sure a lot of people came to see this movie to see Edward Cullen in lovey dovey mode, yet he and Lost girl don't even meet until like 30 minutes in. And when they do, it's full of kitschy moments, like when they're on their first date at a restaurant and she's all "I always eat dessert first because you gotta carpe diem life n stuff" and it's supposed to be like whoa this girl is ADVENTUROUS. And then when the writers are like, "I know, let's put in a totally cliche scene where they get into a water fight that ends up with making out but to not make it cliche let's have them talk about how it is cliche that it is happening". DUMB.

Ok so blah blah blah all this stuff and whining happens and various dads keep failing to come through UNTIL THE VERY END. Robert Pattinson's dad is like finally gonna do a good dad deed and is like "Robert Pattinson, wait in my office while i do this thing" and Rob's all "Dad loves me I am content" followed by Rob walking to window in dad's office and looking out hopefully followed by slow pan out and you see he in in the World Trade Center followed by kids in a classroom where the teacher writes on the board "September 11, 2001" followed by Edward Cullen DYING. Vampires don't live forever after all, y'all! But yeah anyway, my reaction was as follows:



Bonus: Just because I want to further prove my point that Josh Groban is amazingly hilarious, enjoy the following video:

Sure sure Josh... Sorry about that. Sing us out!

Until next time, folks!


So I am running out of ways to work "Miami" into my post titles... But, as it indicates, we had some fun times getting all glammed up for nights out on the town. Sara helped Ciara get all prettied up and we all went to an outdoor Italian restaurant for some serious yumz.

And speaking of getting pretty, Sara hooked us up with her awesome MAC discount and we loaded up on goodies (Can I ever have too much lip gloss?)

miami, parte dos

Nothing like a delicious breakfast al fresco and swimming in the ocean and frolicking (ok just lying around) on Miami Beach with besties.

'Cause this is the kind of thing you do when there are a bunch of coconuts just lying around.

Nothing like finishing off a day at the beach with the BIGGEST SLICE OF PIZZA EVER. Ok, so it's hard to get a sense of scale, but notice how it took TWO PLATES to hold it.

The adventures continue soon!

it's been awhile, miami

So I was kinda hoping to do this post while there was still snow on the ground and everyone was bundled up in eight layers of clothes. It would have been a little more impressive and gloat-worthy of me. But just remember this was back in January, when the sun was barely shining around here. Hope you enjoy part one of our weekend fling with the crazy Miami!

[Side note: Stick with me, lovely readers! I am not giving up on this blog- it's just been a crazy couple of months and posting has been difficult. But plenty more Karen in Color is yet to come.]

Dem & I gaze longingly at our plane tickets that we are about to use.

Ciara isn't as excited about the flying part as we are.

We arrived in the evening. This is the view from where we stayed- Ciara's friend Sara was gracious enough to let us hang at her place and be our tour guide for the weekend. So we started off by hitting up the downtown strip for some food and window shopping.

More pics to come from the next few days. We woke up to a lovely blue sky and warm temps which means it's beach time, y'all.

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