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Welcome to the first installment of KAREN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS in which I will review movies that I feel like reviewing. This is the "it was released awhile ago but I got it free from the library and saw it for the first time" edition. I give you.... Eagle Eye-

Ahhh noooo. I said EAGLE EYE, not Eagle Eye Cherry. Catch the next bus back to the 90's plz.

Uh sorry, I don't have any cash on me. ANYWAY, back to the review...Eagle Eye!

Um yes this poster is partially not in English. Um yes by the time I was making this post I was too lazy to search for a new one. But anyway, onto the actual review... This movie starred the bombastic Shia LaBeouf as this dude whose twin brother (also played by Shia Labeouf via magic) dies but somehow gets him swept up in some whirlwind government conspiracy in which he gets implicated as a terrorist.

All the while he (and this chick he encounters along the way) is ordered via some mysterious voice on his cell phone to do random very very illegal things that just make him look way terroristastic.

Not to mention, dead Shia was the clean-cut good military brother and alive Shia is the broke copy boy disappointment. You could just see the "it should've been youuuuu" look seething from dad's eyes after the funeral. Conflict!

No matter how much he tries to explain, that pesky FBI just doesn't GET IT. He's a good guy. He swears, all those MACHINE GUNS and BOMB MAKING STUFF just showed up at his apartment somehow! Come on, Billy Bob Thornton, BELIEVE HIM!

Fine, whatever. ANYwho, so all this action-y poorly edited stuff happens then this whole robot controlling the government and taking over the world thing happens then it gets preachy then it ends. KMMR grade: C- ...Wow I am really bad at writing reviews. Um, the end?

You're still here? *Sigh* I hate to admit this, but Eagle Eye Cherry, you may be right. Play us off!

Until next time, this has been KAREN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS! Thank you and good night!


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