happy happy fun time

Mike and I have driven by Happy's Pizza on Main St and have been dazzled by their plentiful neon lights and promise of both happiness and pizza. We finally visited this fine establishment recently. HAPPINESS ENSUED.

Check out those lights glinting off the pepperoni grease. I have heard that people think this place should be called Unhappy's, but I wholeheartedly disagree. And may I add that Mike and I don't normally order two large pizzas for dinner, but we went there on a HAPPY DAY that involved a two-for-one pizza with a free topping special! Whoa! I totes recommend.

dangit ran into that chainsaw again

Store solgan: "Here at the Salvation Army, our clothes are half off"... har har.

Ciara finds a new boyfriend.

shadow lines

my eyelashes are bleeding in the sun

awesomeness runs in the fam

An old bday card I made my dad once... no it's not his birthday, but what you are about to receive is in fact a gift.

So I am sorry about all the videos lately. I try and space them out because I know some people prefer pics and stuff. But I have been going through some of my video footage that I haven't done anything with and stumbled across a couple gems.

What you may not know is that my dad is on his way to Youtube stardom. Somehow this video has over 124,000 views...unlike my other ones which are lucky to break a 100. So consider this part two of the awesomeness... aka, the family came over on Christmas Eve and Mike and I introduced them to Rock Band 2. Enjoy!

oh yeah hi

So I had tons o birthday fun moments over the past many days, immediately got sick, and then apparently got Mike sick too. It's pretty pathetic over at our apartment. A lot of sleeping, coughing, and catching up on what's on the DVR. You may have noticed not a lot of blogging... oops.

However, even though for now I am like totes funned out, I have some awesome live music awesome times to look forward to over the coming weeks n months. Behold:


Um today is like my birthday n stuff. In honor of that, I would like to pass along this video that someone showed me forever ago. These people apparently tried to make up the new popular birthday song called "Glad You Were Born Today". I absolutely love how terrible it is. Please sing this to me if you get a chance. Or better yet, get the Party Crasherz to crash my party.

big moment

Remember when I went to Miami like a thousand years ago? Ok, it was actually January (and I was totally wearing a tank top OUTSIIIDE). This was on a boardwalk-type area we visited one night. How could I not recreate the classic moment in the Tom Hanks movie Big?

Sidenote: When I uploaded this to Youtube, all the related videos that showed up proved that I am completely unoriginal in this idea.

hello sunshine

Welcome back, sunshine! Heart-shaped sunnies are my summer staple. I've got them in pink and red and I can't live through sunny days without them!

ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

How have I not mentioned The Runaways movie yet? I've been totes keeping tabs on this since I saw pics of Miss Kristen Stewart with chopped grungy black locks last year. I loves me some girl rock (it's about time I did a post on my own teenage grungy rock icon, Juliana Hatfield), so I am looking forward to seeing this movie.

the neighbors

I remember summer days as a kid leaving the house in the morning and coming back when I heard my name being called for dinner time. I think a big part of someone's life is the neighborhood friends you grow up with. So because it so accurately portrays reality, let's give it up for some of the TV neighbors of my generation...

"The Wacky Best Friend Who Inevitably Instigates Disasters"
Kimmy Gibbler from Full House and Cody Lambert from Step By Step... So annoying yet in the end so unwaveringly loyal to the son or daughter in the protagonist's family.

"The Hot Unattainable Girl Who Gets Attained"
Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek and Marisa Cooper from the O.C... A lot of long lonely nights are spent by the main male character longing for her mysterious ways.

"The Nerd Whose Love Is Perpetually Unrequited"
Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life and Steve Urkel from Family Matters... Whether they are the quiet tortured soul or the bane of your existence, they were head over heels for the sweet ingenue of the house.

"The Old Guy Who Happens To Be Outside Or In Your Hallway At the Exact Moment You Need Advice"
Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World and Mike the RA from SBTB: The College Years... They prune their bushes or walk by your dorm room at that perfect time you're in the midst of a conflict in which you need the thoughts of the sage dude in your life.

Honorable Mention in Fine Literature: The Baby-Sitter's Club
Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia... The eternal 13-year-old 8th grade BFF's who started a phenomenon.

it's out it's out it's out

The Eclipse trailer, duh!



This pretty much sums up what happens when Mike and I end up at a store. 1. Find toy aisle. 2. Cause disruptions.

powdered sugar playground

What better way to celebrate all the sunny warmer days we've been having here in Michigan than to bust out some snowy pics from like a week ago. I mean honestly, let this be a reminder to enjoy each day (and all the different weather we get) as it comes. Seriously, you gotta carpe that diem.

sweet sweet sounds

Fireflies - Owl City
Cheap and Cheerful (Sebastien remix) - The Kills
Satellite Heart (Air Mail remix) - Anya Marina
Young Adult Friction - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Another Lonely Day - Ben Harper
Satellite Mind - Metric
Gimme Sympathy - Metric
Hallelujah - Paramore
My Delirium - Ladyhawke
Gravity - Sara Bareilles
Wake Up - The Arcade Fire

Listen up all ye who attempt to become singers. You either have it or you don't. Love this 15 year old girl's voice. And the Sonic poster.

wanna go for a bike ride?

Umm never mind... I'll dig you out eventually lil bike, I promise!

what a month

The way I see it, the month of March can be summed up in a few events...

1. "Spring" technically begins.

2. The Eclipse trailer comes out (eeeeeeee).

3. The beginning of my demise will be celebrated (aka my 29th birthday).

she's growin up so fast

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAREN IN COLOR! My blog turns one year old today. Thank you thank you for visiting my lil site. It means so much to me that you are interested in lookin at my fun pics and reading my thoughts on music, TV, movies, and various material possessions that I one day hope to own.

Anywho, you may be thinking to yourself, "But I only just recently starting enjoying Karen in Color! What have I been missing?" Well, just for you, I have assembled a smattering of some favorite older posts for your perusal...

Check out some CRAFTS I've made.

See a fun PHOTO SHOOT my husband and I did.

Enjoy some MUSIC I lovvves.


Meet someone I adore FROM AFAR.

Look at some AWESOME THINGS I totes want.


Hang out with my rad cat ZOOEY.

Join me on a FUN ADVENTURE.

See Karen get COLOR.

Check out the world from my Blackberry's POINT OF VIEW.


If my previous gun video post didn't scare you off from my blog for good, watch out 'cuz I got some hardcore scary pics ahead, dudes. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

It's gettin hot in herrre

In case you forgot, this is a place to shoot guns which can kill things that can be put on walls with their mouths forever open.

You could buy customized targets if you have a thing against Osama Bin Laden or, um, zombie clowns...?

This is the face I make when I kill a man just to watch him die.

I got him right in the 9's and 7's.

KMMR #1 dudes

Welcome to the first installment of KAREN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS in which I will review movies that I feel like reviewing. This is the "it was released awhile ago but I got it free from the library and saw it for the first time" edition. I give you.... Eagle Eye-

Ahhh noooo. I said EAGLE EYE, not Eagle Eye Cherry. Catch the next bus back to the 90's plz.

Uh sorry, I don't have any cash on me. ANYWAY, back to the review...Eagle Eye!

Um yes this poster is partially not in English. Um yes by the time I was making this post I was too lazy to search for a new one. But anyway, onto the actual review... This movie starred the bombastic Shia LaBeouf as this dude whose twin brother (also played by Shia Labeouf via magic) dies but somehow gets him swept up in some whirlwind government conspiracy in which he gets implicated as a terrorist.

All the while he (and this chick he encounters along the way) is ordered via some mysterious voice on his cell phone to do random very very illegal things that just make him look way terroristastic.

Not to mention, dead Shia was the clean-cut good military brother and alive Shia is the broke copy boy disappointment. You could just see the "it should've been youuuuu" look seething from dad's eyes after the funeral. Conflict!

No matter how much he tries to explain, that pesky FBI just doesn't GET IT. He's a good guy. He swears, all those MACHINE GUNS and BOMB MAKING STUFF just showed up at his apartment somehow! Come on, Billy Bob Thornton, BELIEVE HIM!

Fine, whatever. ANYwho, so all this action-y poorly edited stuff happens then this whole robot controlling the government and taking over the world thing happens then it gets preachy then it ends. KMMR grade: C- ...Wow I am really bad at writing reviews. Um, the end?

You're still here? *Sigh* I hate to admit this, but Eagle Eye Cherry, you may be right. Play us off!

Until next time, this has been KAREN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS! Thank you and good night!

easy as cake

It's not every day you get to bust out the springform pan, so I made use of it for Mike's bday cake. Dark chocolate layer cake with fudge 'n' sprinkles icing and surprise blue vanilla m&m frosting in the middle!


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