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I gotta say that while I am not particularly reveling in the fact that I am getting older, I am loving that (especially since the onset of the '10s) the 1990's have officially become a "retro" decade. I've read blog posts and magazine articles from teenagers longing to immerse themselves in that vintage era. Considering I was ages 8 to 18 during those years, I definitely grew up submerged in 90's pop culture.

I really gotta do more posts on things that were excellent about the 90's (My So-Called Life, OK Computer by Radiohead, The Secret Life of Alex Mack fer cryin out loud), but I will start by mentioning the teen soap Dawson's Creek which had its debut in 1998. Thank you Ann Arbor Public Library for letting me feely relive these years of dark matte lipstick, baggy jeans, cropped tops, and un-hipster flannel. Oh, and the MUSIC. It's like being at prom all over again when I hear the opening notes of "I'll Be".

The high point of the series for me is when Joey (pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes) FINALLY gets a clue and picks the right guy, the charming bad-but-actually-nice boy Pacey (post-Mighty Ducks Joshua Jackson) instead of that whiner Dawson (umm has he been in anything else?). I'm loving it.

Stellar acting, Van Der Beek.


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