with a kiss i die

I remember 15-year-old me sitting transfixed in the movie theater the first time I saw this movie. This is one of those films you stay through the end credits as the melancholiest of melancholy Radiohead songs plays. Baz Luhrman at his BEST. TOP notch Claire and Leo. Ah-MAZE-ing soundtrack. Not to mention classic Shakespeare, duh. I LOVE 90's POP CULTURE (that's 1990's AND 1590's, fool).

cozytown usa

So right about now is when Michiganders start the complainfest regarding the long winter. I am totes guilty as well, but, for some reason, the more time goes by, the more I actually appreciate the seasons. Yes, ALL of them, even cold icy snowy wintery winter. When else would I be able to wear sweaters and boots not to mention SWEATER BOOTS? And just look at how cuddly those polar bears arrrrre...

watch out

Just a cute 'n' cuddly duo...


maybe the asteroid is the drummer

Ciara and I and some friends went to Detroit for some prime karaoke. I was checking out the song book and at the bottom of the page saw that hit song by that famous band...

they call me ice queen, part 2

Sooo many Karens... aka, here is is the last set of snowy pix.

they call me ice queen

I apologize for subjecting you to a narcissistic me-fest, but I mostly just thought a snowy photo shoot would be a fun way to show off this pretty ice blue Rodarte for Target dress that I fell in love with in December. Enjoy my angsty model face. My motivation was whoa it's like totally cold and stuff why am I just wearing this dress grr.

Pop-up video trivia: This is the same place we did the balloon shoot. Something about this place makes me fly away wheeee.

vintage 90's

I gotta say that while I am not particularly reveling in the fact that I am getting older, I am loving that (especially since the onset of the '10s) the 1990's have officially become a "retro" decade. I've read blog posts and magazine articles from teenagers longing to immerse themselves in that vintage era. Considering I was ages 8 to 18 during those years, I definitely grew up submerged in 90's pop culture.

I really gotta do more posts on things that were excellent about the 90's (My So-Called Life, OK Computer by Radiohead, The Secret Life of Alex Mack fer cryin out loud), but I will start by mentioning the teen soap Dawson's Creek which had its debut in 1998. Thank you Ann Arbor Public Library for letting me feely relive these years of dark matte lipstick, baggy jeans, cropped tops, and un-hipster flannel. Oh, and the MUSIC. It's like being at prom all over again when I hear the opening notes of "I'll Be".

The high point of the series for me is when Joey (pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes) FINALLY gets a clue and picks the right guy, the charming bad-but-actually-nice boy Pacey (post-Mighty Ducks Joshua Jackson) instead of that whiner Dawson (umm has he been in anything else?). I'm loving it.

Stellar acting, Van Der Beek.

bite me

I have this fascination with the absurdity of advertisements that feature cannibalistic pigs... especially when it's a restaurant logo.

I just think it's amazing that multiple marketing agencies find the "cannibalistic pig" a hit among consumers. I guess it gets people to think, "Well if even HE'S eating it, it must be great!"

light in the tunnel

bonjour is more like it

Au Revoir Simone... pretty music + pretty people. I love to listen to you when my day is good or bad.

tis the season to be jolly

Mike and I have fallen in love with the Jolly Pumpkin, a new restaurant that's popped up in Ann Arbor a few months ago. It's our new "we feel like eating downtown and it's a special occasion" place.

Mike always goes for his favorite, the Truffled French Fries with rosemary. Yum.

And I cannot explain how delectable the South Pacific pizza is... honeyed bacon, dried pineapple, mozzarella, charred tomato sauce and scallions, with sesame seed garnish on a sourdough crust... AMAZING.

Go try it for yourself. Seriously. More info and the menu here!


I'm not a huge Valentine's Day celebrater per se, but I gotta love a holiday that lets you go heart-crazy. I got three of em permanently inked on my arm after all. So I will go with the Vday vibe and say to Mike, my... umm... dear man lover, these hearts are for you.

baby's first gun

Oh man I felt like I jumped a mile each time I shot! This was part of Mike's fun birthday extravaganza. Nothing sez happy bday like guns n pizza.

worth every penny

If you note the extreme excitement on Mike's face, then you will catch a glimpse of the overwhelming glory of the $5 DVD bin at Walmart. Just see what kinds of movies you are probably missing out on...

I don't remember what movie this is, but the quote on the back from Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings has me convinced: "An unrelenting, gruesomely funny bloodbath. I loved it!"

Should've watched that last one for Mike's birthday... And how have I gone on so long without those other great films in my life???

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