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It's that time of year again when in the middle of commercial breaks you hear embarrassingly sung snippets of various pop songs. Yes, American Idol is coming. The difference is that this year I actually have had the inside experience at the Chicago auditions. Weird!

What I didn't mention last time I posted about my audition experience is that I had to fill out a pretty ridiculous release form. I know the print is very small in this image, but if you get a chance to click on it to read it closer, please do!

Highlights include how they reserve the right to publicly humiliate and/or condemn me FOR ALL TIME "throughout the universe in perpetuity". Yes, I did indeed sign this form, so I may expect forthcoming eternal condemnation in the coming weeks. And I cannot even escape to other planets nor other galaxies to find relief. Only time will tell!

Then again, along with mass ridicule, William Hung did get a guest appearance on Arrested Development... so it all worked out for him in the end, I'd say.


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