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So apparently lil ol' Target has become quite the fashionista playground. All these high profile designers have been coming out with inexpensive collections exclusively sold at Target. I checked out some of the dresses from the Anna Sui for Target collection, only to find out that they only look good if you are a size 0 with no, shall we say, womanliness to your body.

ANYway, I got excited again when I heard about the upcoming Rodarte for Target collection because from the looks of it, it was much more up my alley... I just about died when I saw that amazing rib cage dress. I swear, my fantasy involves half of the time grunging out in skinny jeans (grey plz) and flannels on tour with my band and the other half twirling on ballroom dance floors at formal events where I get to wear mini poofy and/or lacy dresses with tights and gobs of jewelry. Heaven!

Sadly they didn't have the rib cage dress there (where would I have worn that anyway?), so I tried on a few other Rodarte pieces and absolutely fell in LOVE with this little baby blue dress. I have decided that it must be featured in the next photo shoot. So now to complete the concept I just have to wait for blankets of snow and a good hair day!

PS: I also got a totes adorable bathing suit top (ruffles + flowers + cherries + bows!)- I know it's December but it was the cutest thing I've ever seen and I had a gift card anyway! Six months or so isn't that long to wait...


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