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A couple weeks ago my big bro Chris O's band the Recital celebrated their 10th anniversary (to the very day) by playing a big farewell gig and breaking up. Their friends Thunderbirds Are Now and Zoos of Berlin opened for them, and like all the indie kids Chris has ever known were in the crowd. Seriously, pretty much every dude there had thick rimmed glasses and skinny jeans. I felt like I was returning to my homeland.

Anywho, the show rocked. It was really cool to see people come out (some people were from out of state and made the pilgrimage just for the show!), and it was mostly cool to see them singing along super excitedly to all the words and dancing like crazies. I was like dude my brother wrote that song that you are super into right now. And that song. And, well, all of them actually.

They played an hour and a half long superset, but (in such a Recital moment) when the crowd chanted for an encore, they kinda sheepishly confessed to the crowd that they hadn't anticipated that kind of excitement and they played all the songs they practiced. "Repeat a song then!" the crowd yelled. So after asking what they requested, they obliged... this time with a mic in the crowd for the eager fans to sing along.

In the end, they totally proved their show poster wrong ("Commemorate 10 years of empty rooms with an empty room?") because the place was packed and the energy was awesome. Sad to see it end, but how many local bands really get that kind of a send-off? Thanks for the great decade, Recital!

Check out this article in the Metro Times!


Theresa Koehler December 18, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

What a great article! "It's a shame, though, since the group has been one of the slickest, if somewhat obscure, indie groups in Michigan."

So do YOU have a favorite recital song, Karen?

PS. My word verification is "fiestra" and reminds me of "good" old times in your old white car. ha.

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