metric really is better

Did you know that the U.S is one of only THREE countries in the world not to adopt the metric system?

But more importantly, did you know that Metric is like one of my all time favorite bands everrr?? This is mostly due to the musical allure of Emily Haines, lead vox and synth player of said band. She rocks!

They put on an awesome live show, and a lot of their songs are pretty dancey rock, which gets the crowd super amped. Then you've got Emily who has some of the best onstage rock moves I've ever seen. Love!

Some songs to check out:
"Twilight Galaxy" Plug In Plug Out
"Sick Muse" Fantasies
"Combat Baby" Old World Underground, Where Are You Now
"I.O.U." Old World Underground, Where Are You Now
"Monster Hospital" Live It Out
"Empty" Live It Out


Brad December 21, 2009 at 7:16 PM  

i can't believe she isn't saying 'hamburger'

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