glory toooo the newborn kinggg

By the time you read this, Mike and I will be on the road out to the west side of the state to celebrate Christmas day with his family. My family has done the Christmas Eve celebration thing for years now. I love the way the lights stand out at night, and it just feels more magical and Christmasy in the evening.

So, for our Eve get-together, I made my annual holiday pot roast, and we exchanged gifts of course. I decided to try out a new project too. My dad suggested some original art as a gift idea, so I wanted to make something that was representative of all the outdoorsy things he and my mom do together. I came up with this:

I got a wooden plaque from Michael's and layered black and bronze spray paint. Then I mod podged this map on it that I got from the lovely Circle K. And then I just printed out some images of them from various trips on heavyweight paper. I used some metallic straight pins to attach them, and there ya go.

I hope everyone who reads this is enjoying a lovely Merry Christmas!


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