chicken fingers n clooney Christmas

Update on my last post: Mike and I didn't make it out to his fam's place due to bad Michigany weather! Boo! So we found ourselves with nothing to do on Christmas day. We had planned it so we didn't have food left (so it wouldn't go bad while we were gone...isn't it ironic don't ya think)... so then we were stuck with no plans and no food. We decided to hit up the only places open for miles- Denny's and the movie theatre!

We wanted to see a movie that was light, dark, hilarious, tragic, bouncy, brainy, romantic, and real. Guess we picked the right one.

A few friends joined us for our Christmas celebration.

We were sooo hungryyyy. This was amazingggg.

Meanwhile me and Nicky Twisp hung out...

...and then Mike handcuffed himself to Gerard Butler. Twas a crazy Christmas!


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