happy thanksgibbon

I hope you all enjoy a delicious feast and good times with friends and fam!


I made a most excellent discovery on Saturday... the laundromat!

So on Saturday I kinda had a meltdown when I saw that the washer at our apartment was broken. I had waited far far too long to do laundry and absolutely HAD to do it that day. In a moment of desperation, I went down the street to the local laundromat with several loads of dirty clothes in tow.

I had no idea what to expect... I imagined laundromats to be places solely where single people go to fall in love with each other. [See: Wayne's World 2, 40 Days and 40 Nights, other movies I can't currently recall]

"Hi hot girl my name is Josh I used to be in good movies but this one turned the page for me and now the directors have stopped calling... I blame you."

Anywho, no one fell in love with me AND I managed to do several loads of laundry at the same time! Also I could pay per 10 minutes for the massive dryer which fit all my loads at the same time! It was the cheapest and fastest laundry experience of my life. OF MY LIIIIIFE.

leavin on a jet plane

I LOVE AIRPORTS AND FLYING. Thanks Joel and Michelle for getting married and inviting us to be a part of your wedding in Colorado. I am looking forward to it. I've only flown a couple times so it's always super exciting for me. For reals, telling me I'm going on a plane is like telling a dog it's going for a walk... PURE JOY.

Thank you Google Image search for also leading me to this terrible clipart. That's me in the front seat:

mcHale yes

I have those shoes too!

I know I say this a lot, but I have yet another celebrity BFF wish... Joel McHale! I at least wish we could hang out sometime and mock things together... Joel, will you please come over? We could watch Tool Academy or the Tyra Banks Show and laugh at other people to feel better about ourselves. Then we could get slurpees and drive around and giggle about all of our new inside jokes.

You guys can all share in the love too! Check him out on The Soup and his newish show Community!

anniversorry it look awhile to post

What better way for Mike and I to celebrate our love than to look at dinosaur bones and eat diner food? It was also an absolutely lovely Michigan fall day- sunny and warm and lots of fall colors.

Two bouquets for two whole years.

Typical Mike meal at the Northside.

The Blackberry just doesn't do it justice... the day was beauuutiful

We checked out the Natural History Museum on campus. Once I was in a play that was performed in the first floor!

The displays are way old-timey

A mosaic made entirely OF BUGSSS

It was amazing how everyone happened to be hangin out that day

Join me later for part two. Mike and I take on the apple orchard... and when I say "take on" I mean in a FIGHT TO THE DEATH. (not really)

i'm just sayin...

I feel like I can make this assessment now that as of midnight I have FINALLY SEEN NEW MOON OMGZ. And the above equation is saying a lot considering that Teen Wolf is a classic of my generation... and all time.

But anyway, what can I say about New Moon? I mean of course it is geared toward fans of the books, and the same issues apply as the Harry Potter movies where it just zips along because there is so much to cram in. But I really did like it, and the soundtrack is just so so good. And it is even more heartbreaking to watch poor Jakers get the shaft onscreen than it is to read in the books.

You poor boy. You get a shot in the next movie, but we all know what happens in the end... Bella just can't resist those sparkles!

i wish tim was my bff

So there are multiple times that I wish I lived in NYC (imagine all the awesome rock shows that would basically be in your neighborhood like all the time), but yet aNOTHer reason to be totally jealous is that I am missing one of the most amazing art exhibits evarrr... Ladies and gentlemen, the incredible Tim Burton has a show at the MOMA right now.

Can I just say that I love this dude? This is what I would draw like and make movies like if I was insanely talented, but alas my talents do not extend to these areas. Guess it is just gonna be cutesy stick figures and fruit character comic books for now...

love itttt

halloweneed to post more often

And by "we" I mean "I"... It just didn't work with the word flow. Anywhoodle, here are some long awaited Halloween photos from Mike and I. Yes, we clearly went with the obvious choice of costumes and had a Macauley Culkin theme. I was the bee that finished him off in My Girl ("cruel", two separate girls called me) and Mike was the traps from Home Alone.

the old dark knight

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that 1992-1995 was a golden era for Batman on the small screen. For real, the television show Batman: The Animated Series was pure cartoon excellence. I have attempted to watch other newer reinventions of animated Batman shows, but they just don't compare.

I remember watching it at 4:00pm after school and before dinner. Great plots. Great voice actors. Great times. Ah, memories...


Sooo does it make me a total nerd that I saw the expiration date on my milk and thought, "That's the day that New Moon comes out eeeeee"?

So much pretty all in one movie...

what's a-cookin

Time for dinner with Mike and Karen! Mike attempted his first homemade pizza (with great success) and I made some turkey and bean chili so I'd have lunches for a few days. Yumz all around.

comics and comics

State Street was a nice place to sit outside with comics this weekend. Mike reads em and I draw em. Working on a little strawberry character right now.

consider this your text blast

Plastiscines are set to rock out Little J's birthday bash in an upcoming episode! See you there, upper east siders...

[Update: Apparently it was for Jenny's cotillion, not bday party. Either way, 2 favs in 1 ep!]

ice ice baby part tvö

Yes, I had to look up how to say two in Icelandic. Thank you, Yahoo Answers.

Anywho, in my last post I forgot to mention the amazing Icelandic music scene! I mean, what is it about that clean (almost) Arctic air that produces such musical genius? Did I mention that the entire population contains less than 320,000 people too? So that means there is a high likelihood of your being awesome if you live in Iceland.

Behold Iceland's two best exports:

This place just keeps getting better and better...

ice ice baby

So I kind of have developed an obsession with Iceland. Like, I am trying to convince Mike that we should save up some serious dough and go on a vacation there sometime in the future... distant future, that is, considering how long it would take us to save up. But come on! It would be like going to a completely different world... glaciers, northern lights, lagoons, waterfalls, PUFFINS! The list goes on and on and on! Let the following photos convince you too...

my name is karen

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