the new sweetheart neckline

So lately I have been sick as a dog, so when my scheduled blog posts ran out, I just had no energy to replenish! But for now I am back.

Earlier this month I kept tabs on pics from NY fashion week for fun, but recently I stumbled across these shots from London fashion week. Luella wins major adorbz points for these 50's style dresses paired with big floppy hair bows. That heart cut-out dress is my favorite look of the season- simple but innovative. And it ain't easy to reinvent the LBD**!

**"little black dress", for those of you who don't speak fashion

these days are numbered

trapper keeper

My second mini-diorama creation. Let me just say that hot glue is amazing. It was fun putting the gun section together piece by piece. The wall section is from an old encyclopedia article: "100,000,000,000 Birds". The black speckled part is actually a black and white photo of a massive flock of birds. And aren't those mini handcuffs great? They actually open and close!

lovely in lace

Look at these adorable dresses from Forever 21! They are so uncharacteristically sweet and modest for good ol' F21. However, I think they probably have that whole "look better on the hanger than on your body" thing going on, so I will just admire them in 2D form.

like a kiss like a song

This is the post in which I tell you about my absolute favorite indie folk rock band, Ida. They use a lot of piano and strings layered with soft vocal harmonies. Check out the albums Will You Find Me and Heart Like A River. Both were released awhile ago, but both have stood the test of time for me.

Once I saw them play in a record store and it was absolutely lovely. Probably evenmoreso because the opening "band" was literally the worst I had ever heard in my life. A girl banged on guitar strings without playing any actual chords and her "singing" was a cross between a grating melody and a singsongy yell. And then someone played drums that was not in time. When you inevitably play the video below, you will understand that in comparison to what I just described, Ida sounded like they had just descended from heaven.

you'll never get me

I have been quite taken with mini-dioramas lately. I have been seeing them everywhere! The most amazing ones were at the Ann Arbor art fair in a man's booth with huge NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs, so I stared and stared and tried to commit them to memory. Those were actually large and intricate and cost anywhere from $1000-$5000...

But anyway, I wanted to create my own little scenes. I have been tracking down plastic trinkets from ebay and etsy, and the little wooden box was a clearance pencil cup from Ikea that I covered with cheap tempera paint. The phrase is no reference to the movie (although I do really like that movie); I just liked it. The back wall is a clipping from a vintage children's storybook. "Catch me that little bug," it says in the last line.

lablur day fun

Photos from Labor Day fun via my Blackberry! Sometimes the ol' camera phone doesn't fare so well in low light indoor situations... But even amidst the blurriness you can tell it was good times bbq-ing and hanging with friends.

pl-please re-read

I am an avid re-reader. I honestly don't understand why so many people who like to read DON'T like to re-read! It's like revisiting old friends. Anywho, I just finished a re-read of the fantastic novel Life of Pi. I don't know how, but I forgot how wonderful it is. I love the first section where he defends humane zoos and finds religion. And the second part is this heartbreaking and beautiful adventure. Please read it if you haven't! (nudge nudge MIKE)

crushes come and go

Ok, sorry Plastiscines... can we still be friends? I have a new crush. Paramore's acoustic cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody". Like my brother said, it's like "when Karen bands collide". The mp3 is even available for free download here. It has stolen the top spot in my iPod rotation for realz!

I just love Hayley. This sounds kinda cheese but I feel like I really get what the song is about when she sings it. And that's sayin a lot because I love those Followill bros!

PS: Today is my half birthday!

dear criminals who dare cross me

You will underestimate me in my heart-shaped glasses. But I will be prepared to fight you back.

I will take careful aim.

I will mar your face if need be.

I will finish you off with my knife if I must. You will see your wide frightened eyes reflected in the pink heart-shaped frames.

Then I will take my weapons and skip off into the horizon. Love, Karen

oui fromage bibliotheque

Those are all the French words I know! And I list them off as an homage to my new fav French girl band- The Plastiscines. Do they make terribly original music? No. But do they make terribly catchy and fun music: YES.

This song "Barcelona" has currently achieved iPod domination status this week.

Til next time, au revoir!

rooftop summer nites

Blackberry photos from a lovely summer Friday evening at Dominic's downtown. Pizza + icy drinks + perfect weather + my man = lovely Ann Arbor date.

hot topics on the Denny's menu

So apparently Denny's is taking a cue from their clientele and capitalizing on it. Since they have consistently been the late night eatery of choice for high school misfits, they now are trying to further appeal to them via their favorite bands. Mike and I especially got a good hearty chuckle out of Taking Back Sunday's "Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries" (which is actually an order of fries covered with all kinds of crap) and Sum 41's "Sumwich".

my name is karen

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