cin sity part II

The Cincinnati Zoo was our absolute last stop on our vacation (well other than a stop for gas probably). We love zoos, but by this point we were feeling pretty tired from the long trip on the road.

It didn't help that, even with my eyes constantly glued to the park map, the layout was terribly confusing and we kept getting lost.

But eventually we found the animals we wanted to see... I love gibbons!

The bears were lounging.

And I think we saw lunchtime for a lot of them....

They had all kinds of wild cats there- ones I had never heard of before, like fishing cats and sand cats.

And the typical ones too of course.

The coolest part was the cheetah running demonstration. You went to another arena area and they had this pulley system rigged up that yanked a toy for a long distance to get the cheetahs up to top running speed! It was really amazing to be able to see that in person.

Annnnd I guess I'll just end with this shot.

Keep your eyes open for one final vacation post!


Ciara August 4, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

Woah, it was like I was just there two days ago...
oh, wait, I was! :)

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