fantastic mr anderson

Oh, Wes Anderson, you always know the way to my heart! I was ready to accept that you could just stop making films because you've already provided me with so much joy... Above all else with your exquisite masterpiecece The Royal Tenenbaums. But then you take one of my favorite childhood books (seriously one of the few kid books that still remains on my shelf) and turn it into a movie. Thank you.

I am excited. Happpy Thanksgiving indeed.

boxing day

I bought this star shaped wooden box the same time I bought the supplies for my birthday crafty time, but didn't do anything with it until recently. I heart decorating fun lil boxes!

i got pep

So earlier this summer, Mike and I picked out the plants for our balcony and patio garden. I learned my lessons from last year about what type of sun we get (sadly I have to avoid plants that need a lot of it). Just for kicks, and since it was only $1, I did buy one bell pepper sprout just to see what would happen.

Well, it kept growing bigger and bigger, but all the potential peppers kept shriveling up when they were still just flowers.

But then one day we spotted this little guy! And he's been growing more and more over the past week or so!

I am so happy we actually have one growing! The funny part is that it is kind of worth it even for one pepper because I usually can't find them for as cheap as a dollar at the grocery store!

chillin z style

Sometimes you just gotta stretch out.

let there be rock

Ok, so I know like everyone else has this game already, but Mike and I just got Rock Band 2 for the Wii. Warning: It is highly addictive and awesome. Mike and I created a band called the Bullet Chambermaids and we have stage names and got to pick out our clothes and hair and all that fun stuff. Oh yeah, and the music part is fun too.

Shotgun Mike and K.O. Pistolwhip are ready to rock.


I took a Target shelf and attached cut outs from vintage children's books for the panels.

10 more things

So in case you've been living under a pop culture rock, you know that there is a TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You. I was pretty appalled when I first heard about it since the movie was my absolute favorite back in the day. Seriously, you had Julia Stiles in her prime, Heath Ledger just starting out, Alex Mack, and multiple cameos from the band Letters to Cleo! The movie was a late 90's indie girl's dream! So the idea of a remake? Saved By The Bell: The New Class, anyone? A mere weak echo of the original.

But I have to admit that I planned on watching this as soon as I saw the previews on ABC Fam. I was just expecting a silly little guilty pleasure teen thing, but it actually is a good show! I think it's got some clever writing and the acting is decent. It also kinda doesn't take itself too seriously which I like. And it's only a half hour... which keeps it nice and snappy in a television climate where hour-long shows are all the rage.

Check out the new class... and sigh with nostalgia at the old...

it totally is

Yeah yeah I know I stole this phrase from somewhere else, but I liked the sound of it. So I guess I just borrowed it without permission.

My current soundtrack:
"Sick Muse"- Metric
"Help I'm Alive"- Metric
"For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic"- Paramore
"Listen To Your Body Tonight"- Black Kids
"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You"- Black Kids
"Sex On Fire"- Kings of Leon
"Fake Plastic Trees"- Radiohead
"My Love"- The Bird and the Bee
"Soon"- Brooke Fraser

summer daze

For all I know it could snow next month so I gotta live up the summer... Grillin veggies and jerk chicken... lookin at the clouds... crossword puzzles in the park... smoochin my man...

my first landscape

Created with layers of paint and peeled off helvetica sticker letters.

las cruces

I've had this thing for handmade crosses, so I decided to try and see what I could come up with. I found some wooden cubes at Michael's and layered them with a diluted blue paint, then lightly brushed some brown over it so the texture of the wood was more visible.

Add some magic with the hot glue gun, and it's all done.

Ciara joined me that day for a little craftfest. She was making little notebooks to give as gifts to friends.

Next up, I bought one of those white glossy porcelain crosses from the dollar store and decided to do some experimenting with spray paint. I sprayed one layer of hot pink, misted it with water to get the spotted look, then sprayed a layer of black.

The mix of the pink, black, and water give it that crackled brown look on the front (click on image to see it closer).

Zooey popped in the shot to pay her respects. She's so pious.


Forgive me for waiting longer than normal to post. Last week I had a glorious staycation which I spent working on fun projects and catching up on my rest. This week (and the next several) will be a bit crazy for me jobwise.

Anywho, I have some photos to post of some of the cute lil things I have been working on last week. I found this kit at Michael's with all these wooden pieces you can assemble to make a skeleton. I thought it would be cool to randomly separate the pieces and paint them different colors before I put it together.

I wish I would have taken a photo of the "directions"... They were pretty ridiculous in their lack of clarity. It took me several tries to get the skull pieces lined up correctly. It was looking like an alien head at first. But then it all came together and I was lovin how the different shades of red/orange looked!

I actually had to sand down the pieces quite a bit since they didn't really fit together as easily as the kit implied. Ah well, I guess I got my $3 worth. I finally got him all put together though!

The ribs are a bit wobbly, but other than that he looks great!

He even stands up on his own.

blue crush

No, I am not referring to that surfer girl movie from like five years ago with that one blonde actress and the girl who was that mean cop that everyone was secretly glad died on LOST and that younger girl who was the little brat who Joey Potter had to babysit on Dawson's Creek.This is about my new crush on blue nail polish! Like, I am totally drawing pictures of us together with hearts on my locker at school and writing Karen + blue nail polish = TRUE LOVE in my Lisa Frank notebook. In fact, maybe someone out there can help me... I am on the hunt for some sky blue nail polish NOT with pearlized finish. Like, just matte or plain glossy color!

The only place I can find it online is this company called ORLY... not to be confused with ORLY. But I just don't wanna pay twice as much for it since it has to be shipped! What's a girl to do??

I guess for now I will just be sticking with navy, which is still rad. In fact, according to fashion mags, apparently I am right on target with the "it" thing of the season. So congratulations everyone on knowing a member of the FASHION ELITE. Um, just kidding of course. I hope you realize that I am not that shallow!

Not kidding about the blue crush though... "Me and blue-y sittin in a tree..."

happy birthday zooey

It is my little kitty's birthday today! She turns four, so that means we only have about, oh, 12 or so more years of her presence lighting up our lives!

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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