'ellooo 'arry pottah

What were you doing on Wednesday between 12:01am and 2:45am? 'Cause Mike and I were in the movie theater watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We had ordered tickets ahead of time and showed up around 11ish to snag some seats.

"Check out the sweet magic potions I am learning from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince's magic potions book."

We both liked it! It was a lot of fun to see all the scenes I love from the book up on the screen. This is the year they are all sixteen and the romances abound... Also there was more humor than I thought there would be and a lot more creepiness than I thought there would be! As one reviewer adequately noted when referring to lil Voldemort, "Ralph Fiennes with a melted face isn't scary, but his 16-year-old screen version is straight up bone chillin. In flashbacks, Frank Dillane plays Tom Riddle and he's as creepy as listening to Radiohead's 'Creep' while watching Creepshow and eating crêpes."

"Aw yeahh I am a quidditch superstar! Now excuse me while I snog* that girl over there."

*["snog"=make out with, not to be confused with "shag"...ew]

Ron was such a boy in this one. But it was fun to see him FINALLY starting to get a freaking clue about Hermione!

Hermione, Ron, and Harry with lil Ginny way back when.

And then all dolled up in Hollywood hotness now- The girls are so pretty! The boys were having an off night though I think...


Mike H. July 17, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

Oh man they are so. little.

Also, why don't you ever see ginny hanging out w/ the trio, hm?

Or Malfoy for that matter. Other than the fact that it would drive fanatics batty to see them together having fun.

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