europe's not that big anyway

I've seen these amazing ankle boots on a couple different models now and I am like so into them. They are only available at Scorett which is apparently some designer shop in Sweden... boo!

But I did a little research and figured that my friend Joy (who will be in Amsterdam very soon) could perhaps swing by Sweden for me a do a lil shoppin. I took the liberty of mapping it on google for you, Joy... It's not too long of a drive, really! In fact, you'd even get to visit both Germany and Denmark along the way! Convinced yet?

Or I guess I could just enjoy the 100 other pairs of shoes I already own and love...

i love you TB

No, not tuberculosis... Tim Burton of course! He can do no wrong. I am looking forward to this even though it is a year away!

cin city

Hello Cincinnati! This was our final stop on our way home. I had been here before years ago, but I was impressed anew by what an enjoyable city this was. It just seemed really clean and well kept up and like there was a lot of culture and fun things to do! We focused on two things: the art museum and the zoo! Here is part one, the lovely newly renovated art museum.

My favorites are always the renaissance and contemporary collections. But we got to see mostly everything here.

Next up... the zoo!

the sequel has the exact same plot

I love finding totally random things made out of felt.

the best thing that happened all summer

I opened the box and THERE WERE TWO PIZZAS INSIDE instead of one. Can you say "JACKPOT"???

Sadly, Zooey did not share in my excitement.

up the creek

So for our final night camping on vacation, Mike and I had the "pleasure" of staying at this campground in northern Kentucky just near the Ohio border.

Unlike the other campgrounds that were flush with tourists, apparently this one was home to many longterm campers. Homes and yards like this were a common sight... or should I say "site"??? Get it? Get it?? *slaps knee*

Setting up the tent one last time...

One last fire...

We enjoyed this lovely river view.

YUMZ one last s'more!

More wisdom from the road... maybe a little too much?

One final destination to cover before we head back to Ann Arbor! It's been a great trip so far!

a day at the fair


I have recently seen three excellent movies. Thanks AT&T for free movie channel month!

<3 <3 <3 <3

100th post! Thanks for reading! <3 Karen :)

it's unnatural

Newsflash: A lot of wacky people live in Kentucky. However, we stuck around for a second day to camp at and visit Natural Bridge Park. Its claims to fame are a 20 minute sky lift ride up into the mountain and -you guessed it- a "natural bridge". You'll see what I mean in a minute.

wheeeeee it was a fun little ride

When we got to the top, we had to hike a short ways to get to the actual natural bridge. It's kinda funny that you can't really get a sense for what it is while you are on it. All you know is that you are standing on a strip of rock that is hundreds of feet in the air... with no railing. So yeah, you can get right to the edge of a cliff...

Mike braves it for a photo.

There is a sign that says to keep away from the edges because there are about FIFTY deaths each year from people being stupid. These kids almost gave me a panic attack!

That outcropping of rock beyond and to the left of them is a place you can hike to and get a great view of the bridge from farther away.

Poof! We magically appear in that spot and now what you see in the distance is the natural bridge we were just on! (In reality it was an extremely muddy mile of a hike)

A bit of a closer look... Don't get too close to the edge, people!

The end of the trip is near... At this point only one state separated us from home sweet home. For those who failed geography I'll give you a hint: It's round on the sides and high in the middle!

lucky in kentucky

We traveled our way through Tennessee into Kentucky. In Tennessee we were supposed to go to this underground cave river and boat down it in the dark... but since the day before it had rained so much, the water level was too high! Boo! So we drove a bit more and went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky instead.

More wisdom from the road.

So Mammoth was very different from Carlsbad. The path we took inside Mammoth was much more cavelike. We actually had to turn our bodies to squeeze through tight crevices at times and climb steep rocks. It was really dark too, so photos just don't do it justice.

When we showed up, there were only a couple tours left, so this time around we had to go with a guide. Meet Caveman Joe!

We were up at the front of the single file line of about 25 people on the tour, so we got to chat with him quite a bit. At times, we had to wait for the end of the line to catch up with us, so we had time to pose for some pics and look for rare cavebugs in the dark.

Near the end of the tour, we had a chance to go to the "Niagra Falls" area of the cave. It's a wider open space with stairs that you can walk down to see the rock formations that look like very tall waterfalls.

Then it was onto our next Kentucky destination. Turns out you can take all kinds of cool photos with silvery trucks!

Yay real breakfast at the campground. Thanks Mike!

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