so carlsbad it's carlsgoood

We spent our final day in New Mexico at Carlsbad Caverns. I remember visiting some caves on an 8th grade trip a billion years ago, and that was totally sweet. So I was looking forward to more cavey goodness.

We had to take this path down 800 feet below ground. You can't tell how deep it goes, but it wound back and forth and back and forth many times before we got to the bottom deep in the darkness.

Captain Prickles sez goodbye to daylight

It is difficult to sense the scale of what you are seeing in these photos... but believe me, this was a huge cave.

The grand finale huge room

Nothing finishes off a trip to a cave like a creamy pb sandwich in the car

Coming up next in vacationland... say hello to Texas and my favorite part of the trip... the free-roaming animal drive thru zoo!


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