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Vacation adventures continue! I've got some more Colorado to show you. After that superhot mountain hike (previously shown), I was prepared with shorts and a t-shirt for Estes Park.

dang it.

Luckily I had a hoodie, and in no time I was warmed up (mostly) from the hike. My toes never got warm enough though. Sorry for my lack of typical Coloradoish breathtaking mountain views, but you will get plenty of that when my husband gets around to posting some pix on his site. I like the people shots mostly...
Boys never know how to pose together

Resting and checking out the scenery at the end of an uphill hike

We tried to take it easy since we didn't have adequate hiking shoes, but for awhile we ended up off the trail and scaling a narrow, steep, icy "path" that plunged into the lake on one side. My frightened demeanor is only sort of a joke here... I totally thought I was gonna fall in.

We saw some female elk just peacefully grazing. They didn't move when we came close.

Ok, maybe one typical Coloradoish photo... me & Mike and that lovely refection on the water.


Mike H. June 16, 2009 at 8:28 PM  

I'd like to point out that the quotes around "path" on the icy path are because we thought that we were on the path but instead we were just on cracking snow over water. whoops.

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