yay for little J

Fifteen-year-old Taylor Momsen is just way too cool for her years. She plays Jenny Humphrey- aka Little J- on the show Gossip Girl (one of the very few people in Hollywood to play a character their age), but she's been rocking out lately with her new band, The Pretty Reckless.

I just love this girl. I know she got hated on for Jenny's look changing from cutesy prep to grungy rocker style when she went through that dropping out of school and homeless phase, but I thought she still looked totally pretty. Now if only they would find a way to kill off Vanessa or actually have Nate stick to one girlfriend, then the show would be set.

Filming Gossip Girl as Jenny in the preppy days... Watch out for that pretty boy Nate, Little J- he'll break your heart!

rock 'n' roll + pretty + raccoon eyes = awesome.

Her scratchy vox rockin out with The Pretty Reckless... um listen at your own discretion- there are a few colorful words:


carlee May 6, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

i have to say, i like her better now, than in the inner circle, but i hear some drama will be coming for the season finale with little j...

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