total MAGaphile

I have a little obsession with magazines. Good news for mag loverz on a budget too- if you're a loyal subscriber, over time most magazines will offer you crazy good rates.

Anywho, this is what Karen is reading these days...

Nylon Magazine... fashion + pop culture. tough + girly. I love the artsy + edgy layout and the quirky interviews with indie bands, actors, and budding fashion designers!

Entertainment Weekly... The #1 source for movie & tv news + more!

Teen Vogue... Ok, make fun of me if you want. There's supercute fashion stuff in here! Kids grow up so fast these days anyway, so I think it all evens out...?

Real Simple... See? I am a grown up. And this magazine sometimes convinces me that life can be organizable. Also, fun fact: the left cover is what inspired the table centerpieces at my wedding!

Missbehave... This mag is going under (in print, but on the web it lives on), but I adore it... It's as if the cool unapproachable bad girls in school made a magazine.

Flaunt...A-freaking-mazing design and photos in this li'l jewel of a mag. Fashion, art, etc... you know the drill.

Martha Stewart Living... Because who secretly doesn't want to live like Martha? Minus the criminal record, I guess.

My fav mags + sunny weather + a comfy outside seat + my pink heart-shaped sunglasses + cool fizzy beverage (Dr. Pepper maybe?)= perfect lazy afternoon


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